I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can

I know total old school, but after my saturday night it totally fits.

How did it all begin… Woke up on Saturday and dank coffee. Went to get showered and dressed. OHM came to pick up Goose. Mom and I went to Wal-Mart then the nursery on Dallas Hwy and got plants.

SIDENOTE: I now how gardens. I think I might slowly make the front yard an English garden. Very excited. Anyhoo.

Then we got our toes done, then we pick up #2 brother, DCK and went to lunch, Wal-mart again and home depot for the veggies. Then I got home and then left again to meet MMM and her sister E-M (note to self find out middle name). Went to Cartersville, yes I have been to Cartersville, GA and it is actually a cool little town.

In Cartersville, E-M got her side tattoo redone. I got no tattoos this weekend. Kinda sad, but I did decide to get my nipples pierced. The lady that can do them cheap, was busy and then she was not and then she took some pill, so they did not get pierced. It will happen at a later date.

Then we went to E-M house. She smoked a bowl, which BTW smelled so fucking good. I have not smelled any pot in a long fucking time and I really wanted to hit it, but I know that it makes me way to paranoid and it is a complete waste of some good pot and I can’t waste any pot.

Then we went to Taco bell. I do love some Taco Bell and ate.

Then it was off to our favorite local watering hole. We were there by 7pm which is actually way to earlier to be at a bar. So the night goes on.

Drinks all around and E-M gets a bit drunk. Good, maybe her side won’t hurt too much. Some drunk redneck chick comes in and proceeds to play Rob Zombie and assorted collection of country songs on the jukebox. I FUCKING HATE COUNTRY!! And I stated that very loudly. She did not appreciate my comments, but she was falling down drunk at the time. Too fucking funny. Then MMM stated we needed to get the jukebox before she did. So I gather my 2 bucks and played some music I enjoy. She did not appreciate my song selection, big surprise. At this point the bar is filling up with people and the band shows up. See at this bar the band never starts until 11pm, so when you get there at 7pm by 11pm you are ready to go. MMM was ready about 10pm, but me and E-M would not leave. So we stayed.

A few members of said band, named Mother Truckers, were actually not fugly (PS fugly means fucking ugly). See it is usually a fugly convention in said bar. It is sad when you and your friends are the only hot people in a bar. How are you suppose to meet people that way? Personally I think it is the bar we choose to hang out in, but I actually love it.

Reason we love said bar:

1. They have our beer we like to drink. MMM’s on tap and me in a bottle, but they always have it.

2. The drinks are not that expensive as compared to other places.

3. The bartenders love us. We even got a Yeungling pitcher on saturday for MMM’s and E-M’s father.

4. The entertainment value of the bar is fantastic. Sometimes we are the entertainment, sometimes the peeps entertain us. You never know what you are going to get there, but it always good times.

5. We have never heard bad music. The bands are always great. Sometimes the classic rock covers, sometimes jam bands and again you never what you are going to get, but they are always good.  

There are probably more reasons, but I have digressed from the evening events again. Well, we decided that we needed to wear our sunglasses. Once I put mine on I could not take them off. Hench the title of this entry. It made life so much more interesting that evening.

Some random guy, named B for the purposes of this said blog, sat next to MMM. He ordered some food. MMM was watching his french fries and really wanted one. I was watching for him to look away so we could steal some, but he did not. So MMM asked for one. He actually gave her one then E-M stole one. it was quite funny. He was cool. he did not seem to mind and I think we were entertaining him all evening. I might have shown him my left breast. I actually do not care that much, I needed to know if my nipples would look okay pierced or not. I was talking to E-M and MMM about that actually. I am a little disappointed it did not happen this weekend. Maybe I need to chill with the whole rebel thing. After all I am a mom. No I am still me and I love what I love.

Well we had a great time as always. We talked about all kinds of shit.

I came up with the best new reality TV show. Life in a bar. All the would need to do it put up cameras in the corners and let the alcohol and life happen. Oh shit, wait, isn’t that how the real world is now. Too bad, so sad already done.

 I decided I need to listen to more rap music. So I have been trying. I think I like Hip Hop, but not rap if that makes any sense.

We discussed my craziness about boys and MMM was surprise I knew how good the boy I have been dating was at giving head, but had not had sex with him yet. She stated, if you got head then you are giving blowjobs. I personally don’t see anything wrong with that (sorry to the people I know that read this, probably way to much on my sex life, just skip it), but she made it out like you should not be doing such a thing. Why? I did not ask her. I do try to keep all the sex stuff to myself, but I don’t think I will here (sorry friends).

Well as we were leaving, I had to piss. So I go potty. MMM and E-M waited by the pool table. They were bombarded with a drunk girl, do not remember name and marine guy for another adventure at Nik’s. I tried to get them to stop talking and leave, but they would not. Drunk girl called me a Ivey League Bitch. Too good I must use that and BTW I know that I am a bitch and I personally don’t give a fuck. Finally MMM and E-M come and we leave.

E-M needs smokes so we go to the Racetrac. On the way to the Racetrac, E-M begins to discuss with MMM how marine boy had licked her fac last time we were at the bar. MMM refuses to believe that occurred. I don’t think it did I would have heard about it. MMM would have totally freaked out. So E-M begins to lick MMM’s face. Crazy drunk people. Then she decides it’s a good idea to lick my face while I am driving. I almost kicked her out of the car and made her walk home. But it was kinda funny and she is MMM’s little sis, so she is kinda like my little sis and could not do that. All I could do was laugh.

All I can say is good times, good times all around.

Later haters.


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