Spanish Fly in my locker

I was checking out my dashboard and one of the top searchs, who am I kidding the only top search was why does alcohol make you feel better? If that person looking comes back to my blog, the answer is below. And yes I do know what I am talking about. Drugs and how they interact within the brain is my speciality. I HEART DRUGS.

Alcohol makes you feel better because it works the fluid abilities of the neurons within your brain as in one theory or in another it effects the GABA receptors, particulary the NMDA receptors by decreasing the the frequency of the opening of the Na+ ion chanels. This is similar to how benzos and barbiturates work within your brain and they both make you feel a hell of alot happier. For alcohol and the GBDA receptors, the alcohol molecules bind with the receptors. This is how it can become addictive. If you continue to drink alot of alcohol, then your body will stop producing the actual GBDA chemical. Your brain has learned that there is too much stuff floating around and it does not need to make the GBDA chemical. This chemical works on the dopaminergic pathway within your brain. This particalur pathway is sometimes called the “pleasure pathway.” That is way people think alcohol makes them happy. If chemicals work in the pleasure pathway, then you feel good. You have actually added chemicals to your brain and the normal chemicals your body proceduces mix with the added chemicals and makes you very happy. (I reviewed my old Psychopharmacolgy text book to make sure I was giving the correct information. Reference: Julien, Robert M., A primer of Drug Action: A concise, nontechnical Guide to the Actions, uses and Side Effects of Psychoactive Drugs. 8th Edition. 1998. W.H. Freeman and Company, New York. pg 64-73. Please check my source if you would like.)

Alcohol is actually a depressant. If you drink too much you can effect your brain stem which basically keeps you alive, so please be careful when drinking. Alcohol will surpres syour heart rate and breathing. Too much is never good.

And also think of the addicting aspects of the chemical. It does change your brain chemistry. And that is why it is addicting. After time, alcohol will no laonger make you feel good, it will just keep you normal. This is also why people develop tolerances and need more and more to get drunk or tipsy or whatever they are trying to get.

I know I know, I drink alot, but I do watch myself. I know how much I can handle and I try not to do it too often. I think you can be responsible and irresponsible all at the same time.


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