looking at my valley down below

drunk blogging my favorite thing. Okay so complete;y hammered and writing my favorite thing.

So life… I had all kinds of good thoughts upstairs but now i am down and I don’t remember. drunk life. What the fuck!!

i think drunk housework is my favorite thing to do.I just did all the ironing for the last 2 weeks in about 20 minutes and I am so drunk.

So for all my peeps who check me out. Hold on I need light. Better. So I am drunk and happy. I just completed all the housework for the weekend and I have the next few days to do whatever I want to do.

How have I been. I have actually been good and busy. I love to be bisy I love to always have something to do and with a child of the age of 2 you always have something to do.  I always have something to do. and I have been trying to balance a social life, a love life, motherhood and a career. This is very challegeing by the way and I have found myself extremely tired.

For little dick man. Actually not so bad. and he is good at head, so for now a keeper. i really do enjoy his company and I hope I can see him soon, but he has his children this weekend and I like to let him ahve that time because I think that time with your kids is very important, many next weekend.

We actually had sex and yes I felt it. TMI I know sorry, drunk girl here and not changing. I don’t even think i will spell check.

There is omething about lighting a cigarettes with a match. Hmm…

I think I am too drunk to write, you know I have not been drunk since last November and that is a really long time for me. i have been buzzed but downright drunk no…

Tomorrow is going to suck. i should sleep and my brain is not working the way i want it too. I will try to write tomorrow, because I do have alot to say, but MMM is coming and I might be drunk again.

Later haters…


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