call out the instigator, there's something in the air, we got to get it together, we have got to get it together now

I am extremely proud of myself. I have been working on my training for the 5k and i signed up today. I am not sure I will be able to run, but I definitely will walk it and finish it. I really do think I can do a marathon within the next 8 years. hard work and dedication will get you far in life. I must remember that and not be such a slacker, but you know that is my generation.

So life, has been well interesting. I have missed putting up the misadventures of myself and MMM. I will try to do better. Writing is such an outlet for me. It always has been. I think it always will be. And a blog is so much better then my books. I always get rid of them after a while. here it is done and then I just move on.

So again life. Goose had a really bad tumble on Wednesday. He had a hugh bump on his forhead and he has a busted lip still. That child of mine is such a picker. He was picking at his scabs today at school. He just won’t leave them alone. I am a picker too. i guess they just pick things up or it is all genetic. He is awesome. we did have a feww weeks where we werre not behaving like we should. It actually started after the crazy weekend with his dad in which OHM and his girlfriend got into a physical fight. I had to have a talk with goose about listening and following instruction and not just doing whatever he wants to do. He has been much better since the talk, but it sucks that I have to fix all the shit his dad pulls. I guess i can do it, but I just feel like I shouldn’t have to. I am the better person and I know how to raise a child.

It is just so funning how that happens. I never wanted children and when I got pregnant it was like okay, I am going to be a mother and that was just okay. And then he came and it was the greatest thing ever. Now I don’t care for the little babies so much that need everything and such. When they hit 3 to 4 I love it. And that is where I am now. 3 years old going on a fully grown man. Most days he still tries to get me to help dothings, but I always tell him he can do it. He says he can’t alot and tell him that is not a word in our vocabulary, and that he can do anything. You know I am right he can do anything, just like I can there is no such thing as can’t. Anyway, motherhood just came to me and I am not sure how. It just all seems so natural. i am really laid back about all things, and I think that is how I parent. Goose will be okay, there is not much you can do in this world that will actually kill you. i was always okay. The only thing I worry about is someone taking him, be it his father or stranger. I really do freak if I can’t see him for 2 seconds in a store or really any where but home. At home he can roam free, but elsewhere nope in the cart or holding my hand only. I don’t know what I would do if I lost him. I think, well it would be pretty bad.

It is funny how things in life just come to you and how you end up being good at something or whatever. I wonder whatelse will come my way and I will just know how to do it.

So random, today iw as thinking about changing my favortite color. You know I can’t be like everyone else and it seems that everyone I meet loves purple. I think I might go red or yellow or maybe orange. Out of all those colors red looks best on me and that is the color of my car and I usually have my nails hooker red (not now, currently purple, ironic huh?). Yes i think my new offical favorite color is red. I gues sI should look up how many people actually like the color red before I decide. I really can’t be like everyone else. it just pisses me off. Hmmm?

i think I need to sleep. tomorrow is friday and I have a quiet weekend planned for myself.

later haters


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