Monthly Archives: August 2010

so I have offically quit smoking, too bad I smoked this morning. you know it really weird not smoking I don’t like it. but I suppose I will get used to it. it’s just that in my life I have so much stress. work is stress, home is stress, Money is stress it doesn’t go away and the only thing I have to help is smoking. I sound like a fucking junkie. sorry I guess I have a problem okay let’s begin
hi I am jak and I am an addict. I am
addicted to cigerattes and have been smoke free for 4 and a half hours.

okay moving on. ohm may get deported by the end of the year. he wants to go back to court and give up his rights. it kinda sucks but then it’s like he’ll yeah you fucking rat bastard that’s what you get go back to Africa you crazy bastard. it really does please me to know that he may get what he deserves.

but then I think of goose and he will be without his father and he loves his dad but I know my brothers will be better influnces on him then his own father. for gods sake the child is only 3 and I have to correct negative behavior whenever he comes back from his dads now.

i decided last night if ohm is deported, goose and I are moving to Boston or Pittsburgh. it depends on grad school maybe. inwant to be moved by a year from today. where should we go? well what do i want?
good schools
a job in my field
reasonable housing costs
great area for young singles and families
snow and
far away from the south.

hmmmm? where do we go? I need to do some research.