here we go, here we go, here we go again

Do you ever get tired of people? I am so tired of all the lame ass people I know. I am not sure what to do anymore. I think my dislike of people is a problem, maybe I just spend too much time with them.

Hmmm, it does seem like I am never alone. I always have someone around.

You know I just came back from vacation and I need another one right now! And i have to fuckin’ work in the morning. I think i am going to buy a bar in Ireland.

You know i talk alot of shit and I never do anything. That changes today. Today I will begin to save for my bar and I will begin to plan and get my shit together. Today is the day! Carpe deim as the romans would state. That freaking starts today!

I need an Action plan. What do you need first when you move and open a business? Money. How can i get money. i make shit at work and OHM does not help support his child, so I need to be very frugal. I think i can do. What is step 2?

So I need to move and get the hell away from this place. I have wanted to escape as long as I can remember, but I have never had the guts to do it. I want my son to be brave. I want him to grow up knowing if you want to do something do it, don’t think twice.

Today at work KAB stated that I am a realist. You know that is probably why I never do anything, I always just talk shit and have nothing to back it up. 1-2 years I will be gone from the ATL, but where should I go? I have thought about this alot lately, Seattle, WA Portland, ME, New York, NY Boston, MA Pittsburgh, PA? I want a great place to raise a kid that will not completely kill me financially, but I am pretty much going to be on my own in that department. I want a fun place to grow up. i wan to be in a city, no suburbs Mass transit is a plus. Old apartments, not these complexes that are all over the place these days. Good weather, BTW in hotAtlanta it is currently 82F and it is almost 10pm. It has been over 90F everyday for a week and will continue into this weekend. It is fucking September, why the hell do I still have flip flops and tank tops on? When i can I break out the sweaters and scarfs? When? I need cold weather!!

Because of my whole current weather issue, I have been checking out weather daily in the above mentioned cities and hopefully one day I will decide. I need maps, I need guides to living in these cities. I need to find out about school districts and so forth. I need to do some research. What about jobs? I work in clinical research which is just about everywhere, will I be able to find a job? can i find a job while I still  live in GA?

And the biggest question, am I for real this time or am I just blowing smoke up my own ass? I can’t really decide the answer to that until I know if OHM is being deported or not. i did tell myself if OHM gets deported me and goose are moving. I will find out soon enough.



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