Monthly Archives: February 2011

a few fridays ago it’s L-M birthday and we go to out favorite little hangout spot, Nik’s and I preceed to get drunk, as always. I am not sure what all happened that night, but it was fucking fun.

I did wake up the next morning with writing all over my arm. I later called MMM ans was informed that I told everyone to fuck off repeatly. I whom absolutly hate people touching me was hanging all over everyone. I did happen to meet someone for mmm. why the hell do i meet people for other people, why can’t i meet people for me? (side note i am no longer going to use caps- i think it is a pain in the ass) I was almost kissed by don lips and don lips was touching my ass and i think my boobs as well. i meet all kinds of people and had a great evening. I also got invited to a superbowl party… the steelers lost- they played like crap. i think sometimes we just kinda rule, but you really never know is it all in your head or is it reality??

anyway i am not sure i am allowed tequila anymore… I think I should stop drinking too much. you know at least I know how to regulate myself and cut myself off of things. people I meet always think it is funny that I am cut off but you know I am somewhat responsible. at least I try to be.

the next friday, i go out the girls from work. I ended up driving all their drunk asses around, but still had a great night. The girls i work with are kinda party animals. I need to chill with them more often.

I have discovered that I am a party animal too and mmm is not. I need more peeps like me. so out with the peeps from work again.

so anyway, we went to some Mexican joint for drinks then we went to the tavern at Phipps plaza. it was a great little place and to my surprise good looking guys. I of course spoke to no one except my friends. ( I totally have issues and really need to work on them). p-b was shaking his ass and it was great! btw he is totally gay- he shouted “I like boys!” in taco Mac later that night. he also states that he knows how to pole dance. you know I really want to see that but have not yet seen.

anyway we decide to go to another bar, but for some reason we end up at taco Mac. as we were leaving Phipps aem and kab were fighting over the front seat. I come find out on Monday that aem thought my 4 door car was only 2 doors. it took about 10 minutesntonget everyone in the car so we could go.

at taco Mac, we have a few more drinks and some cheese fries and then I finally convince them to go home.

it was a great night, but inwas completely worn out the next week.

last Friday we went to sweetwater brewery and drank. then we went to kab’s apt and drank then me and some random chick and p-b went to taco mac again for food. then we went back to kab’s apt and she was just hammered as well as everyone else in the apt. I am not sure what happened but aem lost her phone and keys and then her phone shows up in some random guys pocket. it was really weird and aem was very upset. I kinda felt like kicking someones ass but it would do no good.

you should not fuck with people. it is not cool and I learned that some people are very immature. I am glad I am a grown up. you know they were talking about being blackout drunk. and purposely drinking to get blackout drunk. you know I like to get drunk and have a good time, but I do like to remember what happened, especially if it ruled.

i guess I do not live up to the Katy perry title I chose for this entry, but that is okay with me.

I thought for a moment that Friday was night but I have changed my mind. I am
just too tired. I think that is a sign of getting old.