Lawdy dawty we likes to party

so I have opened a etsy account and am no longer going to make things for people. I am just going to sell them.

last weekend I was feeling a bit crafty. I went to joann’s fabric and crafts and spent $100 on craft supplies. out of those supplies I have made 2 beaded key chains. I have began making a computer case for me, but the yarn is so thin and silky it will take forever.

I was told on Monday I have great eye for things, due to key chain I made aem. it was pink beads shaped like flowers with 2 crocheted flowers. I dis not take a picture I get one.

I also made one for me. red Asian looking beads. it really turned out great.

I also bought some fabric to make a bag. I was on etsy and saw this bag that was somewhat quilted for $25. an as always I said I can make that. so I bought some canvas, funky calico quilting fabric and other supplies to make my own. now I just need to design what I will do. I have thought about flowers, my fav stars, or a tree, or apples. the question is what should I make?

I have also decided to make broches. I plan on making some appliqués and added them to pins. I need to do some trift store shopping to collect some pins. I just want to start a new trend.

this is all the current projects I have. I will try to do better on putting things up.


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