now i'm the last splash

so i decide on saturday that i am finally back to being me, well at least the person i was prior to my demise by ohm.

i feels really good to be back and it took too freaking long. i finally feel like i can breathe and everything will be just fine. maybe it was the being of my creative streak that help this along. I feel like i gave so much up for him. i can’t blame him for losing myself, i know that i totally did that. i hope that i have learned a lesson and will never let that happen again.

now i just need to focus on working on all my freaking issues. i have been really self aware this weekend and yes i have plenty of issues. maybe i need a psychologist i hate going to psychologist. i like bottle up and forgetting what is wrong with me.

problem number one: i do not talk to people. it makes me nervous and uncomfortable. i must walk out of my box and talk to people or i am never going to get laid again.

later haters…


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