move, bitch get out the way

So I have not written in a while and it is becoming apparent to me because everyone i know is pissing me off.

i guess i am just pisssed- i have been fucking pissed for weeks now and i am not sure what to do about it. i work with crazy people, i live with crazy people and i spend my free time with my crazy friends. i need a break- i have goose for the next 2 weekends and i will not do anything but spend time with him. and the week after that i will go out with the people from my work that i like and it will be great.

the work problem- is just one person and i think i am about to kill her (figuratively not literal). it started about 2 weeks ago when i was not even at work. we have a radio ad going for some studies we are looking for patients for and the phones were ringing of the hook. P-B sent me a text that IRB wanted to turn the phones off at 2 pm because they were getting on her nerves. she was not fucking answering the phone at all… i was so pissed… and i was not even there! today i realized that since she completed her 90 days she comes in whenever and leaves after she has work her 8 hours. i am sorry but we have hours- we may be salary but we have scheduled times in which we are to be here and if you can’t come when you are suppose too then you should be written up- I NEED TO BE THE FUCKING BOSS- I WOULD FIRE HER ASS!

and you know what is sad is that the boos knows and lets her do that… maybe they don’t understand how this company works. oh well this is really not my problem but when i have to be here from 730 to 4 because those are my hours and if i am late i am late and this does not apply to you- one day it will catch up to you, you will see and then what will you do?

And the other one is a total bitch! and is giving all of us a bad name. she has been hostel and rude to other people that we work with and it is really inappropriate. she thinks she knows everything and she has only been doing this job for about a year. so what if you are a nurse- that does not mean shit in this field, because i am not a nurse and i am a damn good crc and always will be. one day i will be the boss. and guess what if i am ever your boss i will fire you in a flash because ga is not a right to work state you can be let go for any reason what so ever.


why i have i been so angry? what can i do to get over this anger- maybe i need to get laid? maybe i need a lot of things it is just so hard to deal with all these people all the time. sometimes i feel like i get lost in the shuffle of life and get caught up in everyone’s drama, i fucking hate drama. I need to move.

everyone i know has been ragging me and i am kinda tired of it- leave me alone and let me be me. i don’t want to talk to someone i don’t have too. yes the guy is hot, but he is pretty boy and not my type and he totally wants you… why do you want me to talk to him so badly?

i am so tired… i need a break


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