I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.

So I have not been crocheting as much as I would like. I have been tired of all my current projects, until a few weeks ago. I came up with the greatest idea ever.

It all began at Easter, when my amazingly imaginative son gather some straw and made a nest for his favorite stuffed dinosaur Oscar. Then he put some left over easter eggs, you know the plastic ones that you can put candy and prizes in, into the nest and had Oscar sit on the nest to “hatch” his eggs. I do not think the he understands the birds and the bees quite yet because Oscar is definitely a boy.

Oscar did not actually stay on the nest. Another one of our dinosaur Tete is hatching our eggs. Oscar needed to sleep with us.

Well brilliant me decided to put jelly beans inside the eggs to grow into baby dinosaurs. When the jelly beans were in the eggs, I showed my son and asked him if he thought they would grow into dinosaurs. He stated yes and got very excited to have baby dinosaurs.

 Then after a few weeks I began to make the baby dinosaurs with larger eggs. On Sunday I had completed the first one and placed it in the nest. When my son got home from his dad’s I asked him if he checked on his dinosaur eggs and he did and saw the new bigger egg. he was so excited I thought he might pop. He kept asking me when the egg would hatch and I told him let’s get it out and see if the dinosaur was ready. It was ready.

I had made the egg with a slit and had closed it with some buttons. I unbuttoned the egg and squeezed to bottom to help the dinosaur come out. Goose pulled him out and then we had baby “Captain Jumps Alot”. (Please note Goose is 3 almost 4 and that is what kids these days name their dinosaurs.) I would have never thought that a child would be so happy to have something. Captain Jumps Alot has gone everywhere with us since Sunday.

On Monday, I made the second dinosaur. He happen to be a stegsaurus as well and he was born last night. His egg also had a slit in it, but instead of buttons I put ties, just string to tie the egg closed. His name is “Raft”.

I have completed 2 baby dinosaurs. I made a T-rex last night, but I need to sew him together and make his egg. Next I will do a triceratops and I might even make a fifth a Brontosaurus. I probably need to find another egg and put it in the nest.

I crocheted the baby dinosaurs with a F hook and random colored yarn that I had. I made sure to match the jelly beans color with the dinosaur color, because he did look in each egg to see what was going on. I also made sure to match the egg color.

When I get all the dinosaurs completed, I plan on writing up the pattern. I will post it then.


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