my new name is Larry

So, I have think I have been depressed lately. And this depression is just really getting on my nerves. maybe I need to take some vitamins- who knows?

Why have i been so depressed? Hmmm… I am 32 years old I live with my mother, i am always broke and now thanks to random spending i am $19,000 in debt please note this is including a student loan and car payment, and my 2-year-old car is knocking it is not driving funny, but knocking I am very worried.

Well about 1 year ago I began life in full restoration and I really have not done anything to get it together.

This morning I was walking into the office and realized that I am not living life I am just going through the motions. I am tired of going through the motions I want to really live. I want to get the life I have always wanted. I need a plan. I need steps. I need motivation.

First motivation. I want to retire at 55 years old I have 23 years to get enough to retire. If I owe a home, it must be paid for and then I will need approximately 1 million dollars (Hahahaha- insert evil laugh). TO do this I must save/ invest $43,478.26 a year for the next 23 years. SInce I only make about $42,000 a year okay retiring at 55 years old may not happen, maybe 60.  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best. I don’t mind working I just think that I might die young like my dad and I don’t want to work until I die. I want to travel and relax and make things.

Okay so retiring young can not be motivation maybe not possible. How do you know how much you will need when you retire. How do you figure that out? I know I won’t get any social security, so it is all up to me. Maybe I need to talk to a financial planner? Hmmm.

Okay back to motivation. I want to be good for goose. I need him to have a happy stable life and I am the only one who can give that to him. I need to figure all of this out.


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