I ain’t going out like that

So I have been busy this weekend. I need to get some pics up.

I have finished the baby dionsaurs and have also made them all diapers. I really think this was one of my most brilliant ideas to date.

I have been working on a really cute little bunny for a coworker who is having a baby. Last night I was thinking about what else I should make for her and this morning I think I have decided not to make anything else. I don’t really care to much for this peerson, but the appropriate thing is to get her something for the baby.

Anyway the bunny in white and in PJs. It is a new book I bought over the weekend, so I don’t remember the name of it. The book is actually great.  It is just nothing but toys for kids. Not like some of my other crochet tou books in which the toys are really small. These ones are a good size, so these toys can be played with.

AEM is my business mananger and she wants a few things: first, she will not wear the bunny slippers that I made her lat year. They seem to just sit in her room on display. That is fine, but she stated that she needs another pair becuase she can not wear the ones i made her. So another pair of slippers. Then I have this great pattern for a emu and she loves it, so I am going to make her that. And last she wants a floppy hat. I want one too, so I need to make a pattern. I hopefully will get to work on that this week.

I am going to the beach in about 3 weeks and would love to have the floppy hat done by then for me. I can work on A M at the beach and when I get back.

I have felt so crafy lately. I hope to keep it up.


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