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So on my recent searches, I see that someone is beginning a new crochet blanket project.

I have always stay away from blankets. They are very large projects that are time-consuming and they take for fucking ever.

Well I am about to begin one my self. I hopefully will begin by the time I go on vacation in a few weeks. I want to create a blanket for my goose. He has been bugging me for a few weeks now.

Online I found an amazing knitted blanket, but at last I am not a knitter I am a crocheter and think I want to stay that way. So How do I make a knitted blanket into a crocheted blanket?

So dilemma, do I zigzag it or straight it out?

How do I do the stripes? Thick or thin?

And colors there need to be lots of colors and what ones do i choose?

I am think a basic zigzag pattern with stripes about 10 dc rows wide and about 75″ wide. I think that would be big enough for him, he is only 3 and then it can grow with him.

a basic zigzag pattern see below…

Classic zigzag pattern (… aka Rockin’ Ripples as I like to call it)

 Chain multiple of 12 +1 st

Row 1:    turn, ch 3, 2dc in 3rd ch from hook, [dc in next 4 st,dctog next 3 st-sk muddle st, dc in next 4 st, dc in next sk ch1 dc in same st] repeat ending w/ 2dc in last st.

Row 2:    turn, ch 3 2 dc in 1st st, [dc in next 4 st, dctog next 3 st sk middle st, dc in next 4 st, dc ch dc in next st]repeat across, ending with 2 dcs in last st

Row 3…: repeat row 2 until item is complete.

I hope you can understand my crocheting short hand. I think all crocheters have a different one, I guess it is just how things work in you head.

so that will work for the design and pattern what about colors?

I am thinking beginning with orange, then brunt orange, then yellow-orange, then yellow, then tan, then brownish green, then hunter green.

I think taht will work and I shall begin on vacation! Beach here I come!


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