driving that train, high on cocaine

You when you have a great creative spurt and you make something that is just so fabulous and then you are done and then the creativity leaves your mind? Well that has been me this week. Last week I think I created one of the greatest things ever the hatchlings for my little goose and this week nothing.

Well actually I have been crocheting and loving it, but my crochet has been off. I was finishing the project last night and realized I sewed all the limbs on wrong, so now I need to take them all off and redo. Hopefully I did not screw it up.

Current project, crochet bunny in pjs with a baby bunny. It is super cute and will be a gift for a coworker who is having a baby soon.

I feel as if I have crashed and burned. I can’t seem to get the creative thoughts I am having straight in my head. I think I need a list.

1. cowboy or floppy hat for me. I am going to the beach in a few weeks and need a hat for the sun. Only prob I see is that it may be really hot. We shall see. Also I have a pattern for a cowboy hat, but in this book I have hd to rework all the patterns I use. I don’t want to begin the hat and it not work. It always sucks to pull things apart. Man I know you have in the world of crochet but it really sucks.

2. a super cute, fun, soft blanket for my little goose. he has been bugging me for a few weeks to make him a blanket and I have yet since I need to go by yarn and am really not sure how much to get. maybe i should google it? I think the blanket will be stripped and many different colors. The colors that I am leaning toward are yellow, brunt yellow, orange, brunt orange, tan, lime (kinda pastel) green and hunter green. Next do I do block strip (thick ones) or a row or two one color? Then do I do a zig zag or straight? And last but not least I hate doing blankets they take forever!!!

so maybe hat first then blanket?

3. supercute toys for ICB’s nieces. I am not really sure what to make but she is offering to pay me and I really have liked making toys. I am thinking stripped colorful bunnies with matching tea sets. I have a pattern for a tea set and I am pretty sure I wing the bunny. I will try to write the pattern and post. But then again, will the girls like it? I don’t know, but I need to do something.

4. I would like a blanket for my bed. I want it stripped and big. That will take forever and I am not sure of the colors. I will need to think about that.

5. Hat, hats and more hats. I need to create some great hat patterns and some great hats for MMM and KMASD. I have not made anything for them in a hot damn minute.

6…. what else to do? the creative juices need to flow. I probably need to review all my patterns and yarns and make a list and get to work. I have a stock pile of yarn to last me all year probably well as long as I don’t make any blankets.


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