I have been contemplating on how one becomes the next Martha Stewart, not that I actually want to be her, but how does one become a professional crafter. I spent about 1 hour the other day discussing this with my boss, MGH and we determined that to do that I would need to blog (check and done), sell on etsy (did not like the site had alot of problems just getting on and I am not one to make things to sell i like to make for me or to give to someone, so no thanks), and get my patterns published.

So I think I want to write a book. I have probably created about 4 patterns, not all written down. So I am going to try to get them published in a crochet magazine, I think.

I will be sure to get some up on this here blog as well. I think that I should inspire others to create and if I can give a little help that will be great.

Also I have joined and am totally impressed. I have been working on a book of all my ideas and patterns and ravelry is a website that will allow me to keep all that information. Of course I am such a paper person, so I will keep the book.

I need to make sure that I do not spend so much time online, so I think I will dedicate Sunday evenings to blogging and online crafting activities, but then again I get bored and work and this is something to do, so maybe not.


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