Cottoned eyed Joe, part duex

So this damn cowboy hat will be the death of me. I rewrote the pattern and it was too small. So I fixed it and it was just not working. I have frogged the damn thing 3 times.

I have put it aside for the time being.

I think it needs to be two strands of yarn, so I purchased some more. The original stuff I bought got some messed up when I ripped it apart, it will no longer work for the hat. But all is good I have plans for that yarn.

I love the idea of the hat and I live the yarn choice, but I am not sure about the pattern. I wonder if anyone tried it before it was published. I knew from just looking at it that it would be too big. It called for a J hook. J hooks always make really big stitches. Hmm? Something to think about.

I feel as if I should let the author of the book know that the patterns are usually wrong, but maybe I crochet different then she does. I am at a lose.

Oh well, not project and then maybe in a month I will come back to the damn hat.


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