I said hey what a concept, I could use a little fuel myself

So… away at the beach for not enough time… only 3 days of beach. I relly should have scheduled more,  but I will be back at a beach in a month or so… and there is always the pool.

I have put my crafting onto the back burner to do a little relaxing and just plain chillin with the fam.

I did complete a fantastic hook case before I left. As all true crafter know that you must have great things to hold all you stuff. I currently have some goos stuff,  ut most of it bought. I am working on making every thing handmade.

Back to the hookcase. I have decided that I need to learn different stitches, so this was created with a v stitch family from Donna Kooler’s “encyclopedia of crochet”. This book is actually wonderful. I have learn so many thing from it and it has a great collection of stictchs. And I used a crab stitch along the edge. I didn’t really write a pattern for this, but to make you would just need to  v stitch a lenght that you want then, finish off. The add the edging. I used 2 great colors- lime green and purple, both yarns are “I Love this yarn” from hobby lobby and I really think that I love this yarn.



I really wanted it to be like a folder, but the crab stitch around the edge made it look kinda funny just folded and it was not so stable, actually it was just plain floppy looking. So it became a rolled up one and I am very happy with it.

I hand sewed the lining to hold my hooks and things aka crazy crocheter stuff. Some of the hooks have been falling out, so I think I need to resew just to get a tighter edge. Other then that I am super happy I now have a place for my stuff that is small enough to carry around in my crochet basket.

As you can see I am learning about this whole blogging thing as I add my latest and greatest projects up.

I hope you enjoy… If there are any questions, please just holla

… Later


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