And we could all use a little change

So on Friday I began to sew and sew and sew. 2 bags, one pillow covered and an apron, well almost an apron. I also made a trip to the local fabric mega-mart aka Joann’s and purchased 2 fabulous dress patterns and fabric to go with them.

The inspiration came from One of my favorite sites. It was a beautiful dress pattern by Lisette. I have purchased that pattern and a wonderful paisley fabric in a brilliant shade of mustard. Now will I wear a mustard dress, who actually knows but oh! I heart the fabric. The dress is simple shirt like design.

I also purchases another pattern by simplicity, they really do have great patterns and a beautiful purple plaid like rayon. The dress is simple shirt like dress with am elastic waist and open collar. When complete it will be great for work or play or perhaps both.

Then on sat evening after 2 days of sewing, my machine just locks up.

Devastated… to say the least.

Now this particular machine was a wonderful Christmas present from my parents say about 10 years ago and probably cost about $250. Now to fix it, I have called a local machine repair place it will cost about $90. Now the question at hand, do I repair or replace?

My mom had a singer machine that was probably older than me. I began to use it as a teenager and it finally died. I got my first sewing machine then. Nothing fancy, just one from Wal-Mart. Several years later and several problems later I ended up with my Kenmore sewing machine. It has automatic button-hole maker.
Hmm… I feel as if I can not let go of this machine, but maybe it is time.

Needless to say my apron is still not done and I have moved back to crocheting until the machine can be fixed.


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