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So I discovered a beautiful African flower motif pattern a last week. There are several great links to the instructions, just google African flower…

So I bought some yarn in Saturday to make some flowers and do something with them. I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought they would make great coasters. I said this to mom and she said they have holes in them you need to put on a back with them. So I made backs and they became coasters.

I used Vanna’s choice yarn by Lion Brand. I think that might be my favorite yarn. It is a blended worsted weight yarn and is soft and doesn’t pile that much in my opinion. It doesn’t split like some yarns do either. I got 3 colors, magenta, aqua, and fern green for the flowers, and a 4th for the edging in charcoal grey.

The colors blended nicely together, but I didn’t do the flowers as they should have been. The 2nd and 3rd round should be the same color- these rounds make the petals. Either way, I love how the flowers came out. See below…


Bold bright colors. I heart it. PS sorry about pics. I have crappy cameras apparently.

I used the grey yarn for the backs and the case they go it. I did make one flower for the top of the case, just to tie it all together. Pic below of the backs…


For the case, I used a stitch I had learned from the purl bee’s great stash basket. Since it calls for a dc, I was only able to do one row with gaps. When I make again I will try to change it up to get more. They look really nice. No pic, sorry. I get one and update.

Well the rest of the project was kinda winged. Actually the whole thing was winged and it turned out beautiful. I should say thanks mom- I think it all began from her.

I plan on raiding my stash and see what I can come up with for Christmas gifts.

And when I get the pattern written I will post.



So, no random blogging in a long time…

What has been going on…

Well, I have been crafty like mad and working on some great projects. So there has been alot of craft blogging… as always.

I have been broke as always and I am kinda getting tired of it.

I have been considering moving this blog to my craft blog and just having one blog, but then I think about it and I am not sure that I want to combine the 2. I have people that read this blog and then I have people that look at my craft site. I am not sure that the crafty peeps will be okay with all my craziness.
As you can see I have combined my 2 blogs. I think it is easier this way and then all you crafters out then will have to hear about my craziness. I guess that is what makes me me and I know you love it!
Anyhoo… Life is good. I have been really really bored at work, not that much going on and what I have to do I don’t really want to.

My goose is now 4 and completely crazy. I heart it and him. I need to figure out how to get a video camera in the car for our ride to school in the morning. We have the best conversation and the craziest ones.

Mom is good. Tired alot and I think she is ready to retire, but has decided to continue to work until I complete nursing school.

I have decided to go back to school and get a nursing degree. No one believes the whole nursing school thing. I don’t understand why? Maybe because I can never make up my mind and have talked about doing this before. Well, I can show them. I will go and be a damn good nurse. I need a few classes prior to entry into the program, so I begin this fall. This all means that I will be more broke in the future years.

OHM is still crazy and girl number 1 actually called me a few weeks ago. She called because girl number 2 called her and told her to leave OHM alone and that they were getting married and whatever. It was so hard for me not to laugh in her face. I told her that one day girl number 2 will get a call from girl number 3 and so forth. I really think it is quite funny. PS I keep all of this away from goose- one day he will figure it out, but he has to do it on his own.

So life is good… I have been really tired and mom thinks I am anemic like her, but this morning I was driving to work and figured it out… I AM STRESSED OUT- money and school and just flat out life. I need a vacation and that will not happen anytime soon.
I think I’ll be alright. I just need to relax and craft. That always is good


So about a week ago I took my little goose’s fav stuffed dinosaur to work with me. I spent the day taking him around the office and taking pictures. Now everyone I work with knows that I am completely insane and will do just about anything for my little guy.
A few of my coworkers helped with the pics and when I asked the others they laughed, but allowed me to get the pic.
When I got home, I showed goose all the pics and he thought it was crazy the Oscar (the dino’s name) did all these things at mommy’s work.
Well yesterday, I printed up all the pictures and wrote a story about oscar’s day at work with mommy.

It was perfect. I printed up the words and cut and glued into a little scrapbook I purchased from my local hobby lobby. I added some scrapbook paper for some color on each page. I did it really simple because I wanted the story and pics to stand out, not the design of the book. I think it is perfect.
Goose loved it and we read the book twice yesterday.




So pics of the book. You know some days I do out do myself and this was one of the brilliant ideas that I have. I think the goose will have the book for a long time and maybe just one day my grandkids will have, maybe…

So a random blog…

After 9 months of crocheting, my mom has joined me. She has been making hats for must ministries here in the good ol’ ATL. I am so proud of her. The hats look really funky, but they will keep you nice and warm. I’ll have to get some pics of them.
One thing I have determined is that I am a better crocheter then her. I guess I got the talent from grandma… I think I am the only one who did out of the cousins and such.
Bless her little heart I can’t tell her they look bad and they don’t, just funky.

So I am working on the notso baby blanket for my little goose. It is so long and I feel as if it will take forever. I did not purchase enough yarn for it, so I have to go get more. I have began the next color, but only have about a row and a half done… Slow process. And I don’t particularly like the next color. It looked better as a skein, not actually hooked out.

I have been exploring some craft blogs lately and I have been so inspired to change my creative space and my room. I feel as if everything should be covered in yarn or handmade or vintage. I guess I need to begin hitting up the junk/ thrift store again… Yessss!

So that’s all I got…

Oh yeah… I have began a new design. Not your granny’s square. It will be a hat a scarf made of granny squares and a granny stitch. It is for our intern at work for when she goes back to college in Maine. I am using the scraped squares from my man’s granny slippers that were just too big for actual slippers. I have began working on the hat and have alot done and it looks fantastic. I’ll have to get some pics up.

Now that I’d all I got…

So yesterday I began the blanket for my goose. So far I think it is too long and will not have enough yarn to make the 10 rows of each color. I am not frogging it, so how many rows I end up with is what I am going with.

I have about 7 of the orange so far.

I am using a ripple pattern and it is really quite easy to work.

If the blanket ends up not big enough, I will do another set of rows with each color… maybe.


So I completed the fabulous granny square slippers and they totally rock!

I only made the pair for kmas. The ones I was making for sjr were too big. Finished length was 13 and 1/2 inches and that is just too big for slippers. All the squares have been saved for a fabulous scrap yarn granny square blanket that I will make one day.

So slippers for kmas. I made 6 squares of 3 rounds each and one round of sc per slipper, so 12 total squares. The finished slippers measure 9 and 1/4 inches long and fit me perfectly. Now kmas’s feet are smaller the my honking feet, but the pattern stated they would fit 7- 9&1/2 size feet, so I think they will work.
I absolutely love the colors chosen and how the squares worked up. When they were put together I used the lemongrass color and it just really tied them together as you can see…



I definitely will make more of these. And goose wants his own pair, so now what colors do I chose….

So another fabulous project for the purl bee, the granny square slippers.

Now as you probably see… I crochet alot and love the purl bee. They have such great ideas and projects and they are all on their fantastic website.
Now the purl bee is a craft store in soho NYC and one day I shall go, but at last I have not been to NYC since before my goose was born.
Anyhoo slippers. They worked up fast and easy and are super cute. These will be a birthday present for one of my bffs kmas and a gift for a fabulous patient that I have.
The colors I choose work together perfectly, dark green with a minty green and a brassy yellow that really only looks yellow when paired with the greens.
No I modeled my squares after the pattern online, but as with all granny squares the possibilities are endless…


As you can see the squares look the same but will actually make 2 different size slippers.
I think I have also discovered what to do with all the leftover yarn that I have from projects in the past… A huge granny square blanket. Beautiful