Boomin granny, good n plenty

So another fabulous project for the purl bee, the granny square slippers.

Now as you probably see… I crochet alot and love the purl bee. They have such great ideas and projects and they are all on their fantastic website.
Now the purl bee is a craft store in soho NYC and one day I shall go, but at last I have not been to NYC since before my goose was born.
Anyhoo slippers. They worked up fast and easy and are super cute. These will be a birthday present for one of my bffs kmas and a gift for a fabulous patient that I have.
The colors I choose work together perfectly, dark green with a minty green and a brassy yellow that really only looks yellow when paired with the greens.
No I modeled my squares after the pattern online, but as with all granny squares the possibilities are endless…


As you can see the squares look the same but will actually make 2 different size slippers.
I think I have also discovered what to do with all the leftover yarn that I have from projects in the past… A huge granny square blanket. Beautiful


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