Boomin granny, good n plenty part duex

So I completed the fabulous granny square slippers and they totally rock!

I only made the pair for kmas. The ones I was making for sjr were too big. Finished length was 13 and 1/2 inches and that is just too big for slippers. All the squares have been saved for a fabulous scrap yarn granny square blanket that I will make one day.

So slippers for kmas. I made 6 squares of 3 rounds each and one round of sc per slipper, so 12 total squares. The finished slippers measure 9 and 1/4 inches long and fit me perfectly. Now kmas’s feet are smaller the my honking feet, but the pattern stated they would fit 7- 9&1/2 size feet, so I think they will work.
I absolutely love the colors chosen and how the squares worked up. When they were put together I used the lemongrass color and it just really tied them together as you can see…



I definitely will make more of these. And goose wants his own pair, so now what colors do I chose….


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