benny and the jets (not elton john, but the biz and the beastie boys)

So a random blog…

After 9 months of crocheting, my mom has joined me. She has been making hats for must ministries here in the good ol’ ATL. I am so proud of her. The hats look really funky, but they will keep you nice and warm. I’ll have to get some pics of them.
One thing I have determined is that I am a better crocheter then her. I guess I got the talent from grandma… I think I am the only one who did out of the cousins and such.
Bless her little heart I can’t tell her they look bad and they don’t, just funky.

So I am working on the notso baby blanket for my little goose. It is so long and I feel as if it will take forever. I did not purchase enough yarn for it, so I have to go get more. I have began the next color, but only have about a row and a half done… Slow process. And I don’t particularly like the next color. It looked better as a skein, not actually hooked out.

I have been exploring some craft blogs lately and I have been so inspired to change my creative space and my room. I feel as if everything should be covered in yarn or handmade or vintage. I guess I need to begin hitting up the junk/ thrift store again… Yessss!

So that’s all I got…

Oh yeah… I have began a new design. Not your granny’s square. It will be a hat a scarf made of granny squares and a granny stitch. It is for our intern at work for when she goes back to college in Maine. I am using the scraped squares from my man’s granny slippers that were just too big for actual slippers. I have began working on the hat and have alot done and it looks fantastic. I’ll have to get some pics up.

Now that I’d all I got…


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