Like ma bell I got the illcommunication

So about a week ago I took my little goose’s fav stuffed dinosaur to work with me. I spent the day taking him around the office and taking pictures. Now everyone I work with knows that I am completely insane and will do just about anything for my little guy.
A few of my coworkers helped with the pics and when I asked the others they laughed, but allowed me to get the pic.
When I got home, I showed goose all the pics and he thought it was crazy the Oscar (the dino’s name) did all these things at mommy’s work.
Well yesterday, I printed up all the pictures and wrote a story about oscar’s day at work with mommy.

It was perfect. I printed up the words and cut and glued into a little scrapbook I purchased from my local hobby lobby. I added some scrapbook paper for some color on each page. I did it really simple because I wanted the story and pics to stand out, not the design of the book. I think it is perfect.
Goose loved it and we read the book twice yesterday.




So pics of the book. You know some days I do out do myself and this was one of the brilliant ideas that I have. I think the goose will have the book for a long time and maybe just one day my grandkids will have, maybe…


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