walk around in my birthday suit, and let it all hang loose

So, no random blogging in a long time…

What has been going on…

Well, I have been crafty like mad and working on some great projects. So there has been alot of craft blogging… as always.

I have been broke as always and I am kinda getting tired of it.

I have been considering moving this blog to my craft blog and just having one blog, but then I think about it and I am not sure that I want to combine the 2. I have people that read this blog and then I have people that look at my craft site. I am not sure that the crafty peeps will be okay with all my craziness.
As you can see I have combined my 2 blogs. I think it is easier this way and then all you crafters out then will have to hear about my craziness. I guess that is what makes me me and I know you love it!
Anyhoo… Life is good. I have been really really bored at work, not that much going on and what I have to do I don’t really want to.

My goose is now 4 and completely crazy. I heart it and him. I need to figure out how to get a video camera in the car for our ride to school in the morning. We have the best conversation and the craziest ones.

Mom is good. Tired alot and I think she is ready to retire, but has decided to continue to work until I complete nursing school.

I have decided to go back to school and get a nursing degree. No one believes the whole nursing school thing. I don’t understand why? Maybe because I can never make up my mind and have talked about doing this before. Well, I can show them. I will go and be a damn good nurse. I need a few classes prior to entry into the program, so I begin this fall. This all means that I will be more broke in the future years.

OHM is still crazy and girl number 1 actually called me a few weeks ago. She called because girl number 2 called her and told her to leave OHM alone and that they were getting married and whatever. It was so hard for me not to laugh in her face. I told her that one day girl number 2 will get a call from girl number 3 and so forth. I really think it is quite funny. PS I keep all of this away from goose- one day he will figure it out, but he has to do it on his own.

So life is good… I have been really tired and mom thinks I am anemic like her, but this morning I was driving to work and figured it out… I AM STRESSED OUT- money and school and just flat out life. I need a vacation and that will not happen anytime soon.
I think I’ll be alright. I just need to relax and craft. That always is good



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