We’re not going to make it, no we ain’t going to make it

So I discovered a beautiful African flower motif pattern a last week. There are several great links to the instructions, just google African flower…

So I bought some yarn in Saturday to make some flowers and do something with them. I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought they would make great coasters. I said this to mom and she said they have holes in them you need to put on a back with them. So I made backs and they became coasters.

I used Vanna’s choice yarn by Lion Brand. I think that might be my favorite yarn. It is a blended worsted weight yarn and is soft and doesn’t pile that much in my opinion. It doesn’t split like some yarns do either. I got 3 colors, magenta, aqua, and fern green for the flowers, and a 4th for the edging in charcoal grey.

The colors blended nicely together, but I didn’t do the flowers as they should have been. The 2nd and 3rd round should be the same color- these rounds make the petals. Either way, I love how the flowers came out. See below…


Bold bright colors. I heart it. PS sorry about pics. I have crappy cameras apparently.

I used the grey yarn for the backs and the case they go it. I did make one flower for the top of the case, just to tie it all together. Pic below of the backs…


For the case, I used a stitch I had learned from the purl bee’s great stash basket. Since it calls for a dc, I was only able to do one row with gaps. When I make again I will try to change it up to get more. They look really nice. No pic, sorry. I get one and update.

Well the rest of the project was kinda winged. Actually the whole thing was winged and it turned out beautiful. I should say thanks mom- I think it all began from her.

I plan on raiding my stash and see what I can come up with for Christmas gifts.

And when I get the pattern written I will post.



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