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I actually complete these a while ago and gave them to a friend. I realized today as I am going through my blog that I never posted the final pic, the completed project.

So, without further ado…

They actually turned out quite good and AEM totally loved them.

It’s funny. I just started┬ámaking the african flowers and then mom said they could be great coasters and that is what they became. I think I will create more of these. They would be great christmas presents and I have so much yarn bits and bobs to use up…




So I have completed my first knitted slouchy beanie and I totally heart it! (It was done about a week ago. I am totally slacking on the blog posts.)

Too bad it is for MMM.

I used a pattern from a booklet and medium yarn in charcoal grey. I believe it was Lion Brand Vanna’s choice, acrylic blend perhaps. The yarn was wonderful to use, as I have always loved working with it. It stitches nicely with minimal piling and splits.

For the pattern: it was from a booklet title “celebrity slouchy beanies for the family”. It was the first pattern in there, very simple with a 2×2 rib at bottom and stockinette for the rest. I think I missed a few stitches and I can see some mistakes and I had some trouble at the top. But I am still learning and I actually love it.

It turned out really good and as I was knitting I kept thinking that there is no way this is going to fit an adult, but I made the adult small/medium size. When I was almost done I put it on and it fit perfectly. I guess knitted items look smaller. I suppose I am so used to a crocheted item which is the size it is suppose to be.

Anyhoo… my lovely new hat (actually MMM’s lovely new hat)…



I really need a head to put hats on for pics. Also I love that I tag everything. I feel like it makes it a little more professional.

So for other projects… I am still working on the notso baby blanket for my little goose and a knitted bag for myself. I haven’t done any work on the blanket in about 2 weeks. And for the bag I have completed one panel and begun working on the second one. It seems to be taking forever.

I have been doing some sewing. I made a dress about 3 weeks ago that was way way too big. I have had it hanging on the back of my closet door until I could figure out what to do with it. Then on Sunday morning, idea comes. Cut the skirt off and make a skirt. So I did. It became my usual simple a line skirt with a drawstring. Perfect! Now the top is actually going to be the lining for my knit bag that I am working on. I have not wasted the fabric and quite excited about how everything has turned out.
Me and my leg in the skirt at work…


I just love this fabric! It would have made a fantastic dress, but at last it was not suppose to be…

Now the pattern I used for the dress is amazing, so I purchased some more fabric to make another, but smaller. I cut it all out and have put the top together. It seems the same to me so far. It kinda made me look frumpy and since I am not a little girl, I did not like it. I think I need a sewing dummy. Anyone have any ideas on where to get a cheap one, say under $50? Anyway the dress can be made sleeveless, so I think that is what I am going to do. I need to take apart the top and recut the fabric. Maybe I’ll work in it this weekend.

So I feel as if I am at a lost for projects. Maybe it because I have some big ones going and I am getting bored. I might work on the rainbow potholders this week. I could probably get a few done… hmmm….

…. later

So a few things happened over the last few weeks… random things.

First, I had a funeral to attend, in Dalton,GA. Now funerals are not that bad. I have lost most of my family and have been to several. But all the way in Dalton. Way to far to drive. Now this was my best friend’s father in law that past and I did need to be there so I went. To Dalton. And as I was driving past Woodstock and then Cartersville, I realized that I really dislike when I have to leave the greater ATL area. It’s not cool man! Now driving along on the highway, you can’t see much, so you don’t really know what everything looks like. But I do. Small hick towns with good ol’ boys. Help me god!

So this has me thinking that I might need out of the south. But at last, this is my home. I just can’t leave the “greater Atlanta area” EVER! This was the first random thought. And I seem to have this thought at least once a month. Now where to go? Up north, out of the country, into the city, hmmmm? Always problems with this thought and it is kinda wearing me out. I just need to either let go and call ATL my home or leave.

Now on the way to the funeral, traffic was stopped on the highway. And I mean stopped. No movement except a small creep along for about 5 miles. Reason: major wreck that apparently blocked the whole highway.

Now the reason is okay, but for almost the while time I was stopped I knew nothing and was pissed. Why the hell are all these people going to Dalton, GA too? They actually weren’t, I just don’t happen to know where random people on the highway are going. Second random thought: we should all have signs on our cars of where we are going. Hm, maybe TMI? I just would like to know where people are going.

Now at the funeral. It was great and Methodist. Nothing wrong with it. But he read from the gossip and I did the catholic thing, make the sign of the cross on head, lips, and heart. Then we would pray and I would do the sign of the cross again. People must have thought I was crazy… Habits die hard.

And then the preacher (I believe that is the correct term) told stories of the deceased. And they were great. Kind of made wish I actually knew the man. I will make note of asking AMD to tell me stories next time I see him.

Then I thought (third thought) it is so great all the memories you get in your life and how your memories differ from another person’s memories. And then how when a loved one dies, you remember so may good things.

I don’t know. You meet so many people in your life and you know them, but do you ever really know them? And what stories will people tell at my funeral?

That leads to my last random thought. MMM does not want a funeral. And I want a party, but you can have a funeral if you want. Just don’t bury me. I actually want to be burned, cremated that is.

So this has lead to MMM making a list of things we can and can not do at her “funeral” (and I only use that term loosely for she does not want a funeral). It is actually quite good. I think we should all have a list of things for our family to do or not to do if we pass.

For me: 1. Party, actually would probably be better to have a full on Irish wake at a pub/ bar (I know I am in the southern USA, we don’t really have pubs, but my friends and family are smart they can figure it out). 2. Cremate me and spread my ashes somewhere cool, e.g. Off the empire state building, off the eiffel tower , in the 3 rivers of Pittsburgh, etc. you may choose as long as it is cool. 3. You may have a funeral if you choose, but since I am not a religious person no preacher/ priest (unless he is hot and single and one of my friends wants f*ck him, yep I said it). 4. I think that is all.

Please note if I die young, my goose needs a lot of love and whatever he wants to do for my funeral is good.

Now funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living. So plan it for your family, not for you. You won’t be there physically, they will.

… so all my random thoughts for a day. I really dislike when my brain works that hard… later

So about 2 weeks ago, I discovered another great site, do you mind if I knit. And I really like this site. This woman is an amazing knitter and sewer and I can only hope to be as good as her one day. My knitting is coming along and I think I need to sew more to get better.

Anyhoo, on her site there was a link to an amazingly simple sewn skirt. It was from another great site called simple Simon and co. and on this site was a great tutorial for a skirt. The name of the skirt is “starboard skirt” and link is here.

Well being the true skirt lover that I am and the sewer that I think I am, I just had to make this skirt. Now I did not chose similar fabric, I got what I love. And it worked quite beautifully. See below… me in my new skirt.


Well it is quite fantastic. Now, I know that my pics are not that good. My camera is broken, so I have to use my phone, but you can see it.

I think the pleats might be wrong and it does seem a bit big on me, but so far it is not falling down. Maybe I need to shrink the sides.

Well I now have a new skirt pattern to add to my head. Yes most of my skirts are designed and made from my head. Maybe I’ll make another one this weekend?


So after about a year of crocheting I have a whole basket of scrap yarn. Now I always thought my leftover collection was not that good, a lot of colors that would not work well together and there would not be much to do with all the little yarn balls I have made after projects are completed.

Well look at this fabulous collection…



I know, I know. Great colors, a whole rainbow of them.

And as I look at them I remember all the things I have made, hats for MMM and toys for goose and slippers for peeps and so much more. Side note** I realize that I do not make that much stuff for me. I believe that needs to change ASAP. So the memories pour in and I am just so happy.

But now, what to do with all this yarn? At first I thought a blanket for me, maybe giant granny square or striped or zig zag. Then I thought, I want to make potholders for everyone for Christmas. So there you go, potholders here I come.

Now what patterns to use? Make my own or use one I have? And color combinations? I tend to go with the rainbow, just cause I love color, but maybe this needs to be changed up. We shall see.

… later

So I have been chugging along on all my current projects. Only 3 going on right now. Kinda low for me, I usually have about 6 wips.

So I decide last night that it takes to long to knit a bag. If it was crocheted, I would be almost done. It does look pretty awesome. Now it curls, but it is just stockinette stitch. I have about 5-6 inches done and I need about 11 inches. And it has taken me about a week to do this. I think the stitches are small. And I have one more side, a gusset and straps to do. This will take a while…

I also have began a pair of socks. Well actually I have just begun a sock about 5 times. It took me a minute to figure out how to cast on properly, knit in the round, and do a ribbing effect k2, p2 thingy. I think I got it, but now I need to frog again. Maybe 6th time is the charm.

I know, I know, I just learned how to knit and now I am doing socks…. I am a firm believer in just doing things. If you don’t, how will you learn? Beside I only wanted to learn to knit so I could make tube socks. I want some and can’t seem to find anywhere.

Now these socks will be tube socks, if I have enough yarn. Not sure I do, but we will see.
See current attempt…


… And 1st or 2nd attempt… Not really sure, but the socks are a coming.

And the not so baby blanket, is currently taking some zzzz. It is getting long and makes me hot when I work on it. It is like 90-100 degrees here in the Atl. Maybe when it cools down I’ll begin again. I would like it to be done.

It does look beautiful. The colors never seem to look right when I first join them, but by the time I have completed the color it just flows. I am currently on grey, next will be the greens, and then a reverse repeat of all the colors.
Here is the blanket so far on my bed…



It looks so great right now. As you can see it totally fits a queen size bed. Now it won’t be long enough, I didn’t purchase enough yarn, but then again it is only for a 4 year old. I can’t wait for it to be done!

So during all this crafty goodness, I have decided that I want to swim again. I know totally random… I swam in my younger days and was actually pretty good, I am just not the competitive, so it never matter much to me if I won or not. It was just damn good fun. I have found an adult swim league in my area and really want to join. It seems practices would be in the early am. I just need to figure out what to do with goose…. hmmm….

I actually went to my local indoor lap pool and swam last night. I plan on going tomorrow. My arms have hurt all day and I am totally out if shape. I want to swim, so I need to get back in shape. I probably need to do some cardio and weights as well. Maybe I can devise a plan tomorrow. We shall see.

I think I am to spur of the moment. And if I don’t right away, I totally talk myself out of it. I have been talking myself out of nursing school all day today. And I think I have myself convinced not to go. I would have to get into anatomy next week and the magic 8 ball tells me I will not get in. I guess I will have to see. And mom totally wants to retire, and if I go to school she can’t. See I won’t be able to work during the year long program. And then I would make about as much as I make now,
maybe a little more. I think I could make more if I continue in research. Again talking myself out of it. We shall see.

…. later

So I have finished the cowl/ scarfette. Ok just really the first thing I have ever knitted. I am so excited, I believe I have successfully taught myself how to knit in about a week.

So this began as wrist warmers, then a hat, then just practice, and finally a mini scarf with buttons for my goose.
See below…


It is not finished. This will also be the first project that I block, and it really needs it. I am not sure why it curls up like that. I have a scarf that was knitted for me a few years ago and it rolls like that too.

Then i will add some buttons and be done. Goose will look super cute this winter and be nice and toasty, especially if we have a repeat of last winter. I think I just put him in one of my scarves last year. It’ll be better to have his own.

Now I can see all my imperfections and mistakes. The buttonholes are something crazy, but I have completed my first knit project. Go me!!

I’ll need to make more things just to practice, so what to next…