Steal my sunshine

So over the last week, the wheels in my brain have been turning and turning and now my head kinda hurts.

So on the blogs I check out, I discovered a process called knooking. It is really just knitting, yes you make knit stitches, with a crochet hook kinda designed for afgan crochet style. The is a review of the process up at the crochet dude.

It is actually a kit. Well I was like I MUST HAVE!!! I have always wanted to knit, but have never had to balls to begin because I am such a brilliant crocheter. So I thought to myself, this is what I need. I have attempted to knit and found holding the needles uncomfortable. This could possibly work.

But I have all the knitting stuff at home. Maybe I should just knit instead. So the wheels began turning, what to do, what to do??

Well last Thursday night me and my goose knitted. Yes he helped by counting all my stitches for me and holding the book I was using with the directions. Pretty good for a 4 year old. Now in the 4inch piece that I have knitted there are missed stitches, rows of purl that should have been knit and vice versa. It was actually quite horrible and will definitely got frogged, but I think I got it.

So no knooking for me, knitting is the way.

Well in this process I remembered learning to crochet and how the beginning of the learning process the finished projects were horrible. But you must make some pretty bad things to get to the good things.

So, I have spent the weekend knitting a small thing and taking it out and doing it again. I am not sure I cast on properly. And I did try to knit in the round and I got it all twisted. Not sure what I did, but it is going.

I decided to knit a bag. I have a pattern and I seemed simple. Well, my needles are not long enough and the fabric gets all bunched up. So maybe I should do a cowl or scarf or something? I just hate making something and it not being something… It just bothers me, so I need a pattern and I shall begin. I have to use what I already have, no purchasing anything else. (I spent $60 on needles this weekend) so does anyone have a good cowl pattern that is not in the round and uses size 5 or size 8 needles? Maybe I should check ravelry?

So on the crochet front… I have completed the yellow in the not so baby blanket and began the white. It currently looks like a giant candy corn. I think it was just the colors I chose, but after white I get to add grey and some greens. I hope the colors all blend well together.

Now this blanket that I am making was originally a knit blanket. So maybe I should make it knit next time. I guess I could but then it would not be rippled. Hmmm?

So I my head still hurts and now I am not sure what to do… Now I have so many options and so many projects. Maybe I should just complete the blanket first?

… later


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