If you want to destroy my sweater, part duex

So I have finished the cowl/ scarfette. Ok just really the first thing I have ever knitted. I am so excited, I believe I have successfully taught myself how to knit in about a week.

So this began as wrist warmers, then a hat, then just practice, and finally a mini scarf with buttons for my goose.
See below…


It is not finished. This will also be the first project that I block, and it really needs it. I am not sure why it curls up like that. I have a scarf that was knitted for me a few years ago and it rolls like that too.

Then i will add some buttons and be done. Goose will look super cute this winter and be nice and toasty, especially if we have a repeat of last winter. I think I just put him in one of my scarves last year. It’ll be better to have his own.

Now I can see all my imperfections and mistakes. The buttonholes are something crazy, but I have completed my first knit project. Go me!!

I’ll need to make more things just to practice, so what to next…


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