Down by the water

So I have been chugging along on all my current projects. Only 3 going on right now. Kinda low for me, I usually have about 6 wips.

So I decide last night that it takes to long to knit a bag. If it was crocheted, I would be almost done. It does look pretty awesome. Now it curls, but it is just stockinette stitch. I have about 5-6 inches done and I need about 11 inches. And it has taken me about a week to do this. I think the stitches are small. And I have one more side, a gusset and straps to do. This will take a while…

I also have began a pair of socks. Well actually I have just begun a sock about 5 times. It took me a minute to figure out how to cast on properly, knit in the round, and do a ribbing effect k2, p2 thingy. I think I got it, but now I need to frog again. Maybe 6th time is the charm.

I know, I know, I just learned how to knit and now I am doing socks…. I am a firm believer in just doing things. If you don’t, how will you learn? Beside I only wanted to learn to knit so I could make tube socks. I want some and can’t seem to find anywhere.

Now these socks will be tube socks, if I have enough yarn. Not sure I do, but we will see.
See current attempt…


… And 1st or 2nd attempt… Not really sure, but the socks are a coming.

And the not so baby blanket, is currently taking some zzzz. It is getting long and makes me hot when I work on it. It is like 90-100 degrees here in the Atl. Maybe when it cools down I’ll begin again. I would like it to be done.

It does look beautiful. The colors never seem to look right when I first join them, but by the time I have completed the color it just flows. I am currently on grey, next will be the greens, and then a reverse repeat of all the colors.
Here is the blanket so far on my bed…



It looks so great right now. As you can see it totally fits a queen size bed. Now it won’t be long enough, I didn’t purchase enough yarn, but then again it is only for a 4 year old. I can’t wait for it to be done!

So during all this crafty goodness, I have decided that I want to swim again. I know totally random… I swam in my younger days and was actually pretty good, I am just not the competitive, so it never matter much to me if I won or not. It was just damn good fun. I have found an adult swim league in my area and really want to join. It seems practices would be in the early am. I just need to figure out what to do with goose…. hmmm….

I actually went to my local indoor lap pool and swam last night. I plan on going tomorrow. My arms have hurt all day and I am totally out if shape. I want to swim, so I need to get back in shape. I probably need to do some cardio and weights as well. Maybe I can devise a plan tomorrow. We shall see.

I think I am to spur of the moment. And if I don’t right away, I totally talk myself out of it. I have been talking myself out of nursing school all day today. And I think I have myself convinced not to go. I would have to get into anatomy next week and the magic 8 ball tells me I will not get in. I guess I will have to see. And mom totally wants to retire, and if I go to school she can’t. See I won’t be able to work during the year long program. And then I would make about as much as I make now,
maybe a little more. I think I could make more if I continue in research. Again talking myself out of it. We shall see.

…. later


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