Indian giver

So after about a year of crocheting I have a whole basket of scrap yarn. Now I always thought my leftover collection was not that good, a lot of colors that would not work well together and there would not be much to do with all the little yarn balls I have made after projects are completed.

Well look at this fabulous collection…



I know, I know. Great colors, a whole rainbow of them.

And as I look at them I remember all the things I have made, hats for MMM and toys for goose and slippers for peeps and so much more. Side note** I realize that I do not make that much stuff for me. I believe that needs to change ASAP. So the memories pour in and I am just so happy.

But now, what to do with all this yarn? At first I thought a blanket for me, maybe giant granny square or striped or zig zag. Then I thought, I want to make potholders for everyone for Christmas. So there you go, potholders here I come.

Now what patterns to use? Make my own or use one I have? And color combinations? I tend to go with the rainbow, just cause I love color, but maybe this needs to be changed up. We shall see.

… later

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  1. Definately go with the rainbow! With all those beautiful balls of yarn in such an array of colour, it really would be a shame not to use them all and make rainbow potholders! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

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