Bop til’ you drop

So about 2 weeks ago, I discovered another great site, do you mind if I knit. And I really like this site. This woman is an amazing knitter and sewer and I can only hope to be as good as her one day. My knitting is coming along and I think I need to sew more to get better.

Anyhoo, on her site there was a link to an amazingly simple sewn skirt. It was from another great site called simple Simon and co. and on this site was a great tutorial for a skirt. The name of the skirt is “starboard skirt” and link is here.

Well being the true skirt lover that I am and the sewer that I think I am, I just had to make this skirt. Now I did not chose similar fabric, I got what I love. And it worked quite beautifully. See below… me in my new skirt.


Well it is quite fantastic. Now, I know that my pics are not that good. My camera is broken, so I have to use my phone, but you can see it.

I think the pleats might be wrong and it does seem a bit big on me, but so far it is not falling down. Maybe I need to shrink the sides.

Well I now have a new skirt pattern to add to my head. Yes most of my skirts are designed and made from my head. Maybe I’ll make another one this weekend?


    • jenn said:

      Thanks! Yellow is such a happy color!

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