Song for junior

So a few things happened over the last few weeks… random things.

First, I had a funeral to attend, in Dalton,GA. Now funerals are not that bad. I have lost most of my family and have been to several. But all the way in Dalton. Way to far to drive. Now this was my best friend’s father in law that past and I did need to be there so I went. To Dalton. And as I was driving past Woodstock and then Cartersville, I realized that I really dislike when I have to leave the greater ATL area. It’s not cool man! Now driving along on the highway, you can’t see much, so you don’t really know what everything looks like. But I do. Small hick towns with good ol’ boys. Help me god!

So this has me thinking that I might need out of the south. But at last, this is my home. I just can’t leave the “greater Atlanta area” EVER! This was the first random thought. And I seem to have this thought at least once a month. Now where to go? Up north, out of the country, into the city, hmmmm? Always problems with this thought and it is kinda wearing me out. I just need to either let go and call ATL my home or leave.

Now on the way to the funeral, traffic was stopped on the highway. And I mean stopped. No movement except a small creep along for about 5 miles. Reason: major wreck that apparently blocked the whole highway.

Now the reason is okay, but for almost the while time I was stopped I knew nothing and was pissed. Why the hell are all these people going to Dalton, GA too? They actually weren’t, I just don’t happen to know where random people on the highway are going. Second random thought: we should all have signs on our cars of where we are going. Hm, maybe TMI? I just would like to know where people are going.

Now at the funeral. It was great and Methodist. Nothing wrong with it. But he read from the gossip and I did the catholic thing, make the sign of the cross on head, lips, and heart. Then we would pray and I would do the sign of the cross again. People must have thought I was crazy… Habits die hard.

And then the preacher (I believe that is the correct term) told stories of the deceased. And they were great. Kind of made wish I actually knew the man. I will make note of asking AMD to tell me stories next time I see him.

Then I thought (third thought) it is so great all the memories you get in your life and how your memories differ from another person’s memories. And then how when a loved one dies, you remember so may good things.

I don’t know. You meet so many people in your life and you know them, but do you ever really know them? And what stories will people tell at my funeral?

That leads to my last random thought. MMM does not want a funeral. And I want a party, but you can have a funeral if you want. Just don’t bury me. I actually want to be burned, cremated that is.

So this has lead to MMM making a list of things we can and can not do at her “funeral” (and I only use that term loosely for she does not want a funeral). It is actually quite good. I think we should all have a list of things for our family to do or not to do if we pass.

For me: 1. Party, actually would probably be better to have a full on Irish wake at a pub/ bar (I know I am in the southern USA, we don’t really have pubs, but my friends and family are smart they can figure it out). 2. Cremate me and spread my ashes somewhere cool, e.g. Off the empire state building, off the eiffel tower , in the 3 rivers of Pittsburgh, etc. you may choose as long as it is cool. 3. You may have a funeral if you choose, but since I am not a religious person no preacher/ priest (unless he is hot and single and one of my friends wants f*ck him, yep I said it). 4. I think that is all.

Please note if I die young, my goose needs a lot of love and whatever he wants to do for my funeral is good.

Now funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living. So plan it for your family, not for you. You won’t be there physically, they will.

… so all my random thoughts for a day. I really dislike when my brain works that hard… later


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