So I have completed my first knitted slouchy beanie and I totally heart it! (It was done about a week ago. I am totally slacking on the blog posts.)

Too bad it is for MMM.

I used a pattern from a booklet and medium yarn in charcoal grey. I believe it was Lion Brand Vanna’s choice, acrylic blend perhaps. The yarn was wonderful to use, as I have always loved working with it. It stitches nicely with minimal piling and splits.

For the pattern: it was from a booklet title “celebrity slouchy beanies for the family”. It was the first pattern in there, very simple with a 2×2 rib at bottom and stockinette for the rest. I think I missed a few stitches and I can see some mistakes and I had some trouble at the top. But I am still learning and I actually love it.

It turned out really good and as I was knitting I kept thinking that there is no way this is going to fit an adult, but I made the adult small/medium size. When I was almost done I put it on and it fit perfectly. I guess knitted items look smaller. I suppose I am so used to a crocheted item which is the size it is suppose to be.

Anyhoo… my lovely new hat (actually MMM’s lovely new hat)…



I really need a head to put hats on for pics. Also I love that I tag everything. I feel like it makes it a little more professional.

So for other projects… I am still working on the notso baby blanket for my little goose and a knitted bag for myself. I haven’t done any work on the blanket in about 2 weeks. And for the bag I have completed one panel and begun working on the second one. It seems to be taking forever.

I have been doing some sewing. I made a dress about 3 weeks ago that was way way too big. I have had it hanging on the back of my closet door until I could figure out what to do with it. Then on Sunday morning, idea comes. Cut the skirt off and make a skirt. So I did. It became my usual simple a line skirt with a drawstring. Perfect! Now the top is actually going to be the lining for my knit bag that I am working on. I have not wasted the fabric and quite excited about how everything has turned out.
Me and my leg in the skirt at work…


I just love this fabric! It would have made a fantastic dress, but at last it was not suppose to be…

Now the pattern I used for the dress is amazing, so I purchased some more fabric to make another, but smaller. I cut it all out and have put the top together. It seems the same to me so far. It kinda made me look frumpy and since I am not a little girl, I did not like it. I think I need a sewing dummy. Anyone have any ideas on where to get a cheap one, say under $50? Anyway the dress can be made sleeveless, so I think that is what I am going to do. I need to take apart the top and recut the fabric. Maybe I’ll work in it this weekend.

So I feel as if I am at a lost for projects. Maybe it because I have some big ones going and I am getting bored. I might work on the rainbow potholders this week. I could probably get a few done… hmmm….

…. later


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