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So my little goose had his school pictures this week. Now mind you we are only in pre-k, but we still have pictures twice a year.

About 2 years ago, I put my little goose in a white Oxford shirt, tie, pinstriped vest, jeans, and red chuck Taylor allstars. I have been unable to top that outfit. I have tried cardigan sweaters, shorts and tee shirts, and a few other things that did not pass the test. So I have been racking my brain on what he should wear.

I finally got it, a bow tie. A good red funky one. Well, I looked somewhat around and could find one I liked or one at all for that matter. I finally found one online, $9.99. It was Monday when I found it and I needed it by Thursday and $47 to ship 2-3 days later and maybe I won’t have on time. But let’s face it I really wanted to make the tie.

So I searched online. Looked at some ties and drew up some plans to make it. The plans I came up with were pretty much like some I found online here. Now I have never been to this site Prudent Baby and I truly like it. I have spent some time exploring it and it’s great you should check it out.

Ok back to the bow tie. I didn’t follow the above listed pattern as I should have. I actually never follow patterns to a t, and I love that I am able to. I like to stitch around the edges when I do anything. I like how that looks. Also I just folded up the middle piece and the neck piece, none of that fancy stuff from the site.

I like the changes I made. I think it makes it look handmade, which of course is very important to me.

I couldn’t find the pieces you need to close the tie around, but I had purchased a small black tuxedo tie for goose and I took it apart and used those pieces.

So I, actually goose, choose a beautiful read Asian print fake silk. It had dragons on it and I cut it up and made this great little bow tie…


Now he was not happy the morning I took that picture, but check out that bow tie. It worked so beautiful and great.

Now I am not sure this outdoes the tie and vest. I guess I have to wait to the pictures actually come.

… later


So I completed a granny hexagon potholder this weekend, but I did not take any pics, totally my bad. And I sent it to a new home as a wonderful birthday present. It was reds and oranges and yellows. I have it posted on my ravelry page, but no pics again. I think I need to make another just to photograph.

It kind of warped, but when the back was made and it was all together is it was fine.

I hope it is happy in it’s new home.

Then I began working on a new potholder of random design with spikes. I have finished the front and can not decide on how to do the back- solid color or same as front. Well here is the front…


The photo doesn’t really show the bright orange in it. I should probably get a new camera. Money I do not have.

So I have been at a lost on what to do craftwise. I have put aside the potholders to make a baby gift for a friend and a wedding gift for another. I have finally decided on what to do for both.

Because of all this flip flopping about what to do, I successfully began about 3 projects in 3 days. Now I need to frog some things, figure what I can work on this weekend, and hit the fabric/ craft supermart in my area.

So last week, me and goose got a beautiful little beagle puppy we named Stella Bean. So she has occupied my time a lot and I have not been able to work on much crocheting and crafting and such. Total bummer, but she is so cute and I heart her.

This morning at about 0720, mom called to tell me that she was moving the futon and it fell on Stella’s front paw. Mom feels absolutely horrible about what happen. She didn’t even see her there. It was totally an accident. [Please note this is a wooden futon that probably weighs about 150 pounds. And who knows why she was moving it by herself. Continuing…] Stella yelped and would not put any pressure on it. She called the vet and made an appointment. I went home to take her. Mom has been sick since Sunday I think with the flu and she should have not been moving things or going in public or anything stubborn Kost girl (too bad I take after her).

So we went to the vet. They kept her, of course, because they needed to get some x-rays and would have to put her to sleep to do so. So I left and went to work. I was just about at work and the vet called. One broken toe and her wrist is messed up. Doesn’t look broken, but does not look normal. I have to take her to an orthopediac vet. How much is this going to cost me?

The toe is a small fracture and it getting a soft dressing… what ever that means, but we need to keep her off it for the next few weeks. She will have to go back and have more x-rays in a few weeks. I sure hope it is okay. And how the hell do you keep a puppy off her paw? Really anyone, I need to know.

The vet stated that her wrist may be fine or it may not grow right or it may have arthritis or it may need surgery, Stella is really too young to know what is going to happen. The vet wants us to see the ortho to verify and figure out what to do.

My poor baby puppy…

20110920-061509.jpg home from the vet. She just looks so sad.

So what to do? I do not want put Stella Bean through all kinds of surgeries. I feel if that is not right to do to an animal. They don’t understand and then she would be in all kinds of pain from them. But I don’t want her to be in all kinds of pain for a bum wrist and paw. I guess I need to talk to the other vet and see what the options are.

MGH, my boss had a dog who had a broken toe. She stated she spent ~$1000 on x-rays and casts and it would not heal. She stated the vet wanted to pin it and they decided not to do that to the dog and had the toe removed and he was fine. This could be a possibility, but right now we just need to wait and see. And for poor Stella it would probably be a leg. A three-legged dog? i have heard of them before…

She is only about 7 weeks old, so whatever happens she will be fine. She won’t even remember any of this. And she will learn to do all things dog just the way she is.

I just feel so bad for her and hope she is not in all kinds of pain.

Last night, my son got a puppy dog. Actually I got a puppy dog. She is 6 weeks old and a purebred beagle and the cutest thing you ever did see. Now she doesn’t have any papers, but that doesn’t matter to me at all.

Now we are her 4th home in about 2 weeks. Poor baby. She was so scared last night, but i think she got used to me and goose. This morning she was so happy to see us. Her little tail was just wagging. I can’t get rid of her. She is mine for life. I am actually kind of excited about it.

Again cutest thing ever (well next to my goose of course)…





I am totally in love and I think goose is too. A boy and his dog.

Now how do you train a dog? I grew up with a dog, but my family got him when I was 6 months old, so I really didn’t have much to do with the whole training part. I suppose I will figure this all out as I go.

So as a beagle she howls not barks. That could be annoying, but I will stop it ASAP. Also, as a hunting dog she likes critters and I can tell from her sniffing last night that she smelled some in the yard and maybe going after them if I let her. I’ll have to train her not too.

Dogs are a lot of work, I suppose I have to stop being lazy. I guess I can handle it.

So it has begun… the great potholder experiment. I have about 20 different designs that I want to do. I feel as if each one is completed I will just love it. This could be hard…

First, I decided to go with the African flower grandala potholder from crochet with Raymond . It is just so beautiful.

Well I completed the first one… See below…


I am totally in love and can’t wait to get started on more.

Now goose help me pick out the colors and I personally think he did a fabulous job. He choose some cool tones with a pop of warmth. The yellow and greens flow nicely and orange just brings it out.

For the front I followed the pattern, but think it might be too big. I also did not do the last row. I think my stitches are big. I used worsted weight yarn and H hook. It will not actually be for use, due to the acrylic nature of the yarn (it will melt). It will be for true beauty.

For the back, I did a simple dc round until it was big enough. I tried to not do the ch increase and joining, but then it was looking funny. This one may not be to give away.

I made a second one in red colors, yes goose helped pick out. Front and back below…



The back was better. I did the joining and increasing.

I have also completed 2 square ones. They look great, but are not the fabulous African flower grandalas.

The first was a granny sq front and a simple sq back.



I like how this one turned out. The colors are very bright and different then normal granny colors.

2nd one is just to crochet blocks. I like this one as well. I used similar colors and kind of like how it is a little bit granny, but not totally. Front and back below…



I am loving the scrap yarn potholders and I have about 36 more to go.

I begun working on a hexagon granny one last night. So far so good.

I will keeping my ravelry page up to date on the great potholder experiment. You can check it out here. Each potholder is becoming it’s own project. Thus may get messy.

… later

So I have this notebook in which I write down all projects I want to do, patterns I want to create, ideas, and projects that I have yarn for- completed or to do. I have also recorded some things that I have done in the past. I use it to keep all my own written patterns in check as well as ideas I get. Let’s call the book number 1.

I often imagine that one day in the far future this book would be ultra valuable to someone other then me, but chances are it won’t. It’ll just be my book and I am actually okay with that.

Now I know it is silly to keep such a thing, especially since I am at and I have this here fantastic blog, but I am such a sucker for pen and paper. I like the feel, the thoughts and the look of my crazy handwriting. So all things end up in the book number 1 before they end up anywhere else. And sorry to say but sometimes that is the only place they are.

Yesterday I went through the book and realized I have 30+ projects listed that I want to do, and the list keeps getting longer. I want to have this book done by the end of the year. And currently I am only working on one project. So maybe I need to stop looking at crochet/ knit patterns and I need to get working on what I currently have in my head.

So without any further ado…

My crazy project list:
1. Owl hat for goose, pattern from booklet I have, already have the yarn- taking from my stash.
2. Cowboy hat, pattern from “yeehaw lady” from the book “the happy hooker”, yarn red cotton, already have. Please note I have attempted to complete this hat 3 times before and had a fit as it did not work at all- pattern needs work!
3. Notso baby blanket, current WIP and I am about halfway done with it.
4. Hexagon tote bag, pattern none really but was inspired to create this bag from futuregirl. I am using some yarn from my stash and have only completed one hexagon and I am not sure I like that style.
5. Christmas stocking for goose. No pattern decision yet. I do have a few and then I would need to get yarn.
6. Floppy bunny toys. These will be made for a coworkers nieces. I plan on making the pattern and I need to get some yarn for them.
7. Knitted grandfather like cardigan. Pattern the jr. Varsity sweater from “crochet today” magazine. Originally this was to be for me, but it’ll be for goose as he needs some sweaters for this winter. I have the yarn and will begin work on this soon.
8. Tango the cow, peewee the ant, these are some of goose’s imaginary animals. I kinda feel like he needs actual ones he can play with, I plan on making the patterns and I need to purchase yarn. (PS they live at his beach in the sky… My child is crazy.)
9. Magic shroom pin cushion. Pattern is from online, sorry don’t remember where. I will use yarn scraps for this.
10. Clutch, no real pattern, but design is from here it has cherry blossoms on it and is really cute. I think I might need some yarn, but maybe I can use some of the stash.
11. On the go project bag. I plan on making the pattern, but not sure how I want it designed. Purpose of this is carry one skien of yarn and a project with me, but currently my projects are getting bigger and bigger. I think I can use yarn from the stash on this one.
12. The fedora… I plan on making a pattern, but a pattern can be found at the crochet dad. I love the hat, but not too crazy about the posts and so forth. I know this can never be my original design- I didn’t think of it first. I need yarn for this.
13. Toothless the dragon (from “how to train your dragon” movie), puntatony til the dragonfly, and stella bean the puppy dog. More of goose’s imaginary animals. I need to make patterns for them and I believe I will need yarn.
14. The floppy hat. I found a pattern that I love, but it is knitted and seems very complicated and since I just started to knit, I think I will create a crochet pattern for this one. I will need yarn.
15. Slouchy hat, pattern from booklet “all in caps” by embrosky. I have yarn.
16. Emu, pattern from book “super cute crochet” I think that’s the title. I have yarn and will use scraps.
17. Flower brooches, pattern I will make but I will use 2 books that I have on flowers to crochet and knit. I will use up some scrap yarn and yarn from stash.
18. Cup cozies. Pattern one I got online from redheart and I will use up some of the stash.
19. Fingerless mittens, pattern from a free pattern that I got at hobby lobby. I have yarn, it calls for sock yarn, purchased months ago. Also I need to learn how to do FSC (foundation single crochet) and I am not so sure about that. I will work on it when I get there.
20. Cigarette case/ coin purse. First I think I need to quit smoking, so this may not be the greatest project idea. If I quit as I plan too next month, then this will be a great coin purse. If I don’t then I will get a new case for my smokes. I don’t have a pattern and I don’t know how to attach to the metal clasp I got, but I can figure that all out. I will use up some of the stash.
21. “the cluster hat” pattern none, but design was from online somewhere. The hat was designed with clusters of v stitches and front post. It was worked in stripped colors and had a cute little brim. I may not make this hat. And I need yarn for it.
22. Printer cover, pattern maybe motifs? Not sure. I will use stuff from my stash. (yes I have a lot of yarn in my stash).
23. Granny round placemats, pattern from here. These are really cute and will be for mom. I have the yarn for them, I purchased about a month ago.
24. New slippers for me. Pattern I have several and not sure which one I want to use. I will probably need yarn for them as well.
25. The grandfather cardigan for me, 2 patterns for this one crocheted, one knit, not sure which one I will use and I will need yarn for this.
26. Hello kitty granny squares thingy. I found the diagram online here, scroll down and you will see it. I am not sure what to make with them, but it’ll be awesome. I made need yarn for this.
27. Granny mandala, pattern from crochet with raymond. I absolutely heart it and am not sure what I will actually do with it, but it will be made. I think I will need yarn for this.
28. Crocheted/ knitted tube socks. I don’t seem to see a pattern for these anywhere online or in any books I own, so I think I will wing it. I purchased some cotton sock yarn about a couple of weeks ago on sale, so I’ll use that.
29. Potholders… Pattern I have several and I think I will use all of them. I plan in using up my scrap yarn for this.
30. Broomstick lace cuff/ bracelet, no pattern I can find so far, but I will keep looking and/ or create one. Note this is totally weird as I did see a broomstick lace cuff online and that is why I want to make one- it might have been at I think I will need yarn and supplies for this one.
31. sewn/ quilted sunglasses case. I’ll make the pattern and I will use some scrap fabric I have. I have never quilted before so I need to finger that all out.
32. Summertime dress- sewn. Again I have no pattern just a jot of a design from my fabulous head. I plan on making a pattern and sewing it in quilting fabric- cotton the stuff I love. I do not have fabric for it.
33. A double sided needle case with embroider sizes on it. Again no pattern, so I have to make. I will need fabric.
34. Babette square blanket. Now I do not know how to make a Babette square, but when I figure it out I will make a beautiful blanket. I think I will need yarn for this.

I currently think that is all that I have to complete the book. There is no way this can be done by the end of the year.

So where shall I begin? Reviewing all these projects had me itching to get to work…

So finally I have completed my knitted bag. That only took forever….

So bag, super cute, but I kind of feel like it is too wide and not deep enough. Next I will change it up to make it more my specifications. Also there are several mistakes on the first panel I made. Come on it is only the 3rd thing I have ever knitted! I just made that panel the back. Hahaha. The second panel was much better, no mistakes and actually looks quite good. The gusset and the straps had no problems at all, so I think I get this whole knitting thing.

I used a pattern “zebby’s bag” from the book “stitch n’ bitch: the knitter’s handbook” by Debbie Stoller. It is a simple design in stockinette stitch and garter stitch. I feel as if it worked up quite slowly, but maybe that was because I did not work on it as obsessively as I usually work on projects.

The pattern also called for a inner pocket, which I did not do. I lined the bag with fabric, so it would be a bit sturdier. Goose helped do the lining. He even picked out the fabric from my stash- hot pink. Somedays I worry about that boy…

I used “I love this yarn” from hobby lobby in mixed berry and did some accents in teal blue. The colors worked well together and the purple red happens to be on of my favorites.

Pic of bag below…


So I am stopping my adventures in knitting for the moment and going back to the notso baby blanket. PS I haven’t done anything on it, but hopefully I will begin my obsessive work on it again tonight.