Here is the money that I owe you, so you can pay the rent

So finally I have completed my knitted bag. That only took forever….

So bag, super cute, but I kind of feel like it is too wide and not deep enough. Next I will change it up to make it more my specifications. Also there are several mistakes on the first panel I made. Come on it is only the 3rd thing I have ever knitted! I just made that panel the back. Hahaha. The second panel was much better, no mistakes and actually looks quite good. The gusset and the straps had no problems at all, so I think I get this whole knitting thing.

I used a pattern “zebby’s bag” from the book “stitch n’ bitch: the knitter’s handbook” by Debbie Stoller. It is a simple design in stockinette stitch and garter stitch. I feel as if it worked up quite slowly, but maybe that was because I did not work on it as obsessively as I usually work on projects.

The pattern also called for a inner pocket, which I did not do. I lined the bag with fabric, so it would be a bit sturdier. Goose helped do the lining. He even picked out the fabric from my stash- hot pink. Somedays I worry about that boy…

I used “I love this yarn” from hobby lobby in mixed berry and did some accents in teal blue. The colors worked well together and the purple red happens to be on of my favorites.

Pic of bag below…


So I am stopping my adventures in knitting for the moment and going back to the notso baby blanket. PS I haven’t done anything on it, but hopefully I will begin my obsessive work on it again tonight.



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