Let it flow, let yourself go, slow and low, that is the tempo

So it has begun… the great potholder experiment. I have about 20 different designs that I want to do. I feel as if each one is completed I will just love it. This could be hard…

First, I decided to go with the African flower grandala potholder from crochet with Raymond . It is just so beautiful.

Well I completed the first one… See below…


I am totally in love and can’t wait to get started on more.

Now goose help me pick out the colors and I personally think he did a fabulous job. He choose some cool tones with a pop of warmth. The yellow and greens flow nicely and orange just brings it out.

For the front I followed the pattern, but think it might be too big. I also did not do the last row. I think my stitches are big. I used worsted weight yarn and H hook. It will not actually be for use, due to the acrylic nature of the yarn (it will melt). It will be for true beauty.

For the back, I did a simple dc round until it was big enough. I tried to not do the ch increase and joining, but then it was looking funny. This one may not be to give away.

I made a second one in red colors, yes goose helped pick out. Front and back below…



The back was better. I did the joining and increasing.

I have also completed 2 square ones. They look great, but are not the fabulous African flower grandalas.

The first was a granny sq front and a simple sq back.



I like how this one turned out. The colors are very bright and different then normal granny colors.

2nd one is just to crochet blocks. I like this one as well. I used similar colors and kind of like how it is a little bit granny, but not totally. Front and back below…



I am loving the scrap yarn potholders and I have about 36 more to go.

I begun working on a hexagon granny one last night. So far so good.

I will keeping my ravelry page up to date on the great potholder experiment. You can check it out here. Each potholder is becoming it’s own project. Thus may get messy.

… later


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