The rat cage

Last night, my son got a puppy dog. Actually I got a puppy dog. She is 6 weeks old and a purebred beagle and the cutest thing you ever did see. Now she doesn’t have any papers, but that doesn’t matter to me at all.

Now we are her 4th home in about 2 weeks. Poor baby. She was so scared last night, but i think she got used to me and goose. This morning she was so happy to see us. Her little tail was just wagging. I can’t get rid of her. She is mine for life. I am actually kind of excited about it.

Again cutest thing ever (well next to my goose of course)…





I am totally in love and I think goose is too. A boy and his dog.

Now how do you train a dog? I grew up with a dog, but my family got him when I was 6 months old, so I really didn’t have much to do with the whole training part. I suppose I will figure this all out as I go.

So as a beagle she howls not barks. That could be annoying, but I will stop it ASAP. Also, as a hunting dog she likes critters and I can tell from her sniffing last night that she smelled some in the yard and maybe going after them if I let her. I’ll have to train her not too.

Dogs are a lot of work, I suppose I have to stop being lazy. I guess I can handle it.


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