Biltzkrieg bop

So last week, me and goose got a beautiful little beagle puppy we named Stella Bean. So she has occupied my time a lot and I have not been able to work on much crocheting and crafting and such. Total bummer, but she is so cute and I heart her.

This morning at about 0720, mom called to tell me that she was moving the futon and it fell on Stella’s front paw. Mom feels absolutely horrible about what happen. She didn’t even see her there. It was totally an accident. [Please note this is a wooden futon that probably weighs about 150 pounds. And who knows why she was moving it by herself. Continuing…] Stella yelped and would not put any pressure on it. She called the vet and made an appointment. I went home to take her. Mom has been sick since Sunday I think with the flu and she should have not been moving things or going in public or anything stubborn Kost girl (too bad I take after her).

So we went to the vet. They kept her, of course, because they needed to get some x-rays and would have to put her to sleep to do so. So I left and went to work. I was just about at work and the vet called. One broken toe and her wrist is messed up. Doesn’t look broken, but does not look normal. I have to take her to an orthopediac vet. How much is this going to cost me?

The toe is a small fracture and it getting a soft dressing… what ever that means, but we need to keep her off it for the next few weeks. She will have to go back and have more x-rays in a few weeks. I sure hope it is okay. And how the hell do you keep a puppy off her paw? Really anyone, I need to know.

The vet stated that her wrist may be fine or it may not grow right or it may have arthritis or it may need surgery, Stella is really too young to know what is going to happen. The vet wants us to see the ortho to verify and figure out what to do.

My poor baby puppy…

20110920-061509.jpg home from the vet. She just looks so sad.

So what to do? I do not want put Stella Bean through all kinds of surgeries. I feel if that is not right to do to an animal. They don’t understand and then she would be in all kinds of pain from them. But I don’t want her to be in all kinds of pain for a bum wrist and paw. I guess I need to talk to the other vet and see what the options are.

MGH, my boss had a dog who had a broken toe. She stated she spent ~$1000 on x-rays and casts and it would not heal. She stated the vet wanted to pin it and they decided not to do that to the dog and had the toe removed and he was fine. This could be a possibility, but right now we just need to wait and see. And for poor Stella it would probably be a leg. A three-legged dog? i have heard of them before…

She is only about 7 weeks old, so whatever happens she will be fine. She won’t even remember any of this. And she will learn to do all things dog just the way she is.

I just feel so bad for her and hope she is not in all kinds of pain.


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