Let it flow, let yourself go, slow and low, that is the tempo, part duex

So I completed a granny hexagon potholder this weekend, but I did not take any pics, totally my bad. And I sent it to a new home as a wonderful birthday present. It was reds and oranges and yellows. I have it posted on my ravelry page, but no pics again. I think I need to make another just to photograph.

It kind of warped, but when the back was made and it was all together is it was fine.

I hope it is happy in it’s new home.

Then I began working on a new potholder of random design with spikes. I have finished the front and can not decide on how to do the back- solid color or same as front. Well here is the front…


The photo doesn’t really show the bright orange in it. I should probably get a new camera. Money I do not have.

So I have been at a lost on what to do craftwise. I have put aside the potholders to make a baby gift for a friend and a wedding gift for another. I have finally decided on what to do for both.

Because of all this flip flopping about what to do, I successfully began about 3 projects in 3 days. Now I need to frog some things, figure what I can work on this weekend, and hit the fabric/ craft supermart in my area.


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