With hot pink pleather

So my little goose had his school pictures this week. Now mind you we are only in pre-k, but we still have pictures twice a year.

About 2 years ago, I put my little goose in a white Oxford shirt, tie, pinstriped vest, jeans, and red chuck Taylor allstars. I have been unable to top that outfit. I have tried cardigan sweaters, shorts and tee shirts, and a few other things that did not pass the test. So I have been racking my brain on what he should wear.

I finally got it, a bow tie. A good red funky one. Well, I looked somewhat around and could find one I liked or one at all for that matter. I finally found one online, $9.99. It was Monday when I found it and I needed it by Thursday and $47 to ship 2-3 days later and maybe I won’t have on time. But let’s face it I really wanted to make the tie.

So I searched online. Looked at some ties and drew up some plans to make it. The plans I came up with were pretty much like some I found online here. Now I have never been to this site Prudent Baby and I truly like it. I have spent some time exploring it and it’s great you should check it out.

Ok back to the bow tie. I didn’t follow the above listed pattern as I should have. I actually never follow patterns to a t, and I love that I am able to. I like to stitch around the edges when I do anything. I like how that looks. Also I just folded up the middle piece and the neck piece, none of that fancy stuff from the site.

I like the changes I made. I think it makes it look handmade, which of course is very important to me.

I couldn’t find the pieces you need to close the tie around, but I had purchased a small black tuxedo tie for goose and I took it apart and used those pieces.

So I, actually goose, choose a beautiful read Asian print fake silk. It had dragons on it and I cut it up and made this great little bow tie…


Now he was not happy the morning I took that picture, but check out that bow tie. It worked so beautiful and great.

Now I am not sure this outdoes the tie and vest. I guess I have to wait to the pictures actually come.

… later


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