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Happy Halloween!

In my office we do a costume contest and 2 years running I have won. Last year by myself and this year with my department.

Last year I was a TV. Not a new fangled one, but an old fashioned one with a doily on top and an antenna. Totally awesome!

And this we won because of this…


By the way I got instagram on my lovely iPhone, so all of my pics get changed. Quite handy when you have a blog.

So we are the Atlanta skyline with our lovely mayor. KAB was the Bank if America building, which happens to be the tallest building in ATL. MGH was the Westin, a very well known building here due the roundness of it. I was the Suntrust tower, the second tallest in ATL. And ICB was the GA dome, just cause she loves the falcons. AEM was mayor Kasim Reed (I think that is how you spell his name). She was suppose to be a building too, but she couldn’t make hers.

It was truly fantastic!


So today, I decide I was going to make my own envelopes. You know I keep adding on things that I only make. Not good, but I do love making things.

So I looked online for a tutorial or something about making envelopes and the only thing I found was using an already made envelope to make new ones. Not what I wanted.

I then decided I would make my own tutorial with my lovely iPhone.

So here we go my very first tutorial…


1. First measure your card. My was 5″ x 5″. Then get paper. I am using just regular printer paper 8 1/2 x 11. Place you card in the center measure the sides and bottom and top to verify it’s in the center as the pics below…



2. Mark the corners of your card.


3. Cut out the corners.


4. Now shape the top. You don’t have to this if you don’t want too. I just wanted the top to be slanted inward. I like that look.


5. Fold in the sides.


6. Fold up the bottom.


7. Put some glue on the sides and stick the bottom to it. Use a glue stick, it won’t make the paper all bubbly like.


8. Place in your card and glue down the top and volia handmade envelope!


I hope this is helpful!

… later

So sorry for the lacking posts lately. I have been super busy with the new puppy and the potholders and Halloween is coming up so costumes needed to be made.

First update, I have completed the general potholders. I am
Now ready to begin on the day of the dead potholders. I believe I shall begin tonight. I need to get some pics of the general potholders and get it up. They are great and in this fantastic stack in my room and every time I look at them I just smile.


Now I began these potholders because I had a great big basket of just scrap yarn left over from projects. I realized that I haven’t even made a dent in the basket, so now what do I do with all this beautiful yarn?

I did make a few granny squares. I kinda like them and maybe I will just make some and then have a blanket. I do want a granny square blanket.

So some of my friends are having babies. One twins boy and girl, and one a boy. I was going to make swaddling blankets, but atlast I did not purchase enough fabric so I made burp cloths. I always had one with me when goose was a little guy. Very simple and very practical.


I do love them and I hope they do as well!

So Halloween is in a week and I have completed goose’s costume. At first he was going to a fireman, then about 2 weeks ago he stated he wanted to be Batman, but not just any Batman- neon green Batman. So of course, I had to make it. It is done and totally awesome.


I have completed my Halloween cards as well. They are simple yet super cute! I truly do love making things!


Now I just need to make the dogs costume and finish the Christmas gifts.

… later

So today I decided I was going to learn how to knit cables. And I did.

I like to use books to learn. I like being able to read directions and follow diagrams. For most of my knitting adventures, I have used “Stitch ‘n Bitch: the knitter’s handbook” by Debbie Stoller. Now this book may not be the most helpful when actually learning to knit and purl and such, but when it comes to everything else I want to do, it rules. And now that I have basics down, I can work on all the fun stuff and learn new stitches and designs and well you know.

I followed the cable instructions on pages 90-91 and worked them about 4 times in my little made up pattern.

This practice item actually has become something, I repeat IT WAS NOT FROGGED!! Can you believe that?

I made a great new pouch for my lovely iPhone.


I really like it and it seemed to work good. I need to come up with more things to make with cables so I can expand my knitting abilities.

… later

So today, I received a rather pleasant surprise. MMM is cleaning out her step-grandmother’s house and in the process found a bunch of craft supplies for me. I am so happy.

First, it was this…


I know the pic sucks, but that my friends is a crap load of old knitting needles. I already have my grandmother’s crochet hooks, now I have MMM’s step-grandmother’s needles.

It makes me really happy to have these old things.

There was also a bunch of cross stitch things and a few old patterns from the 1970’s. I love getting surprises. I need to go through all the cross stitch stuff. I have not done that yet I got a little excited about all the needles.

Now I can become a real knitter…

Next… I have been working diligently on the great potholder experiment since I quit smoking on Tuesday. I have basically completed a potholder a day. They are looking great. I have finally found a design that I like and can keep doing. It is really simple rounds with absolutely no fancy stuff. I just basically change colors every round. I really like them. The last 2 I made I did some really random color combos. I think they turned out great, my favs so far.

Some pics…








As you can see super busy… They are looking really good. I have 2 more round ones to make and then I begin the skull shaped ones.

I also have a few baby gifts to make. I have decided to make the swaddling blankets from the purl bee. As you are probably aware one of my favorite sites. I have chosen some pretty funky fabrics and I didn’t want too boyish or too girlish. Fabrics…



They will turn out great. I think I might need to get some different fabric for R-B’s little boy. The second pic is for him, but they don’t match. R-B is alittle funky so it should be ok, but will I be satisfied?

…later I think I need to sleep now. I have a busy day of sewing ahead of me.

So I have been missing from the world of this here blog. I have been busy with my new puppy and my little goose and such. It seems the crafting has also taken a beating.

I did manage to kick my butt into gear yesterday evening and I completed 2 potholders, so now I have presents done for 2 people. I also began on the next set of potholders.

I think part of the problem has been that I want everyone to hae different potholders, so i keep making different ones. I might need to just pick one design and go from there. Hmm… alot to think about? I think i might just finish what I have started… hmmm….

So today, Oct 4th is the 8 year anniversary of my father’s death. Yes he did on this day 8 years ago. Last week I was being a uber bitch and could not figure out what was going on. It was like I was PMSing or something. Then that night, in bed I realized what was coming up and I cried for a good hour. It seems I miss my dad alot this year.

So since I have been thinking of good memories of him and the one that pops up in my head the most is when I would come over to the house (I did not currently live there), my dad would always be in his office working, which happened to be in the basement. He would always yell upstairs, “who’s that?” And I would always reply, “me”. He would then go “who is me?” And would have to state my complete name and relation to him, so I would yell downstairs ” your daughter, Jennifer Anne Kane” He would finally say Hi.

I am not sure why that memory has been in my head so much this week, but it has and it always makes me smile. I think is just sums up my dad and how crazy he actually was.

Since today is the anniversary of his death and he happen to die from cancer stomach, esophageal probably from smoking for 30 something years, I actually have quit smoking today. So far it has not been too bad. I have had 2 pieces of nicorette gum and a lozenge since I got up at 530am.

I have quit before, right after he died for about 6 months and a few other times for a bit here and there, but I always seem to come back to smoking. Right now I have smoked since the age of 15 and that make 17 years of smoking.  It just seems to long to be doing something so stupid.

I have decided it will be hard, but goose is the one person who wants me to quit the most. he is only 4 and gives me a hard time about smoking. I told him I may be grumpy for a minute, but I will quit. I completely spoil that child rotten and he always get what he wants, so now he gets a smoke free mom.

I think this all cam about because a few weeks ago, I decided I was a mess again and I need to get my shit together. Not really sure what is mess in my life, but I kinda feel like everything is. So I need to make some changes. Change 1: quit smoking. Change 2: not sure. I guess I only got as far as change 1. I think I need to work on this.

…. later