St. Louise is listening

So, Friday night and still working. Business trip to beautiful Charlotte, NC.

After this week, I decided I needed a good stiff drink. So I am sitting in the hotel bar drinking a very strong, very bad cosmo. Maybe a cape cod next time.

So this week, Stella Bean got a broken paw. Mom may have hep A. Work was busy. Just a week. I haven’t been sleeping because I have been worried about everyone especially Stella Bean, but I think she going to be fine.

Now mom, I spoke with her earlier and she said nothing, so maybe no hep A and even if she does, she goes on meds and then is all good. It’s just a hassle you know, life is just a hassle.

Back to current status… Meeting… ICB came with me to this meeting and does not drink. She thinks I will be wild and crazy drunk. Maybe I should be. No, I have to be up at 630am tomorrow for this meeting. Maybe just a good buzz… hmm… I think I might not disappoint ICB due to the fact that this drink I am currently drinking is extremely strong, so a drunken night might be in store.

I am trying to drink fast, but it is making me sick. Maybe another drink is in order. I could add it to a Cape Cod and that would probably be better. I tend to forget that not everyone can make a good drink, especially a martini type drink. There is a trick.

Okay… Knitting. Yesterday I found a beautiful cowl pattern on ravelry. It’s called the honey cowl. If you search you shall find it. Well the stitch is very interesting to me and as I was reviewing the pattern to see if I wanted to try, since my knitting is not all that good, I find that it is just knit, purl, and slip stitches. It still amazes me how different combinations of stitches can make different things, fabrics???

So I want to make a scarf with pockets for EMM for Christmas, because that is what she asked for. So I decided to use the stitch. Well, I began making a swatch and it was just not looking right. Then it came to me, the pattern is worked in the round, not flat. If I work it flat, it will never turn out the way the pattern is.

So I have to work it in the round. So far it looks good. I think I have completed about 4 rows.

I chose patrons classic wool in a two tone gray and white. I think I cam add some pockets, they will be purple. I think I need to get it done and blocked to decided if I should keep it or give it away. I think I am totally going to love it. I think it might be mine by the end of this trip.

Cosmo was a great start to the evening plus 4 glasses of wine…


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