All alone with test tubes

So today, I received a rather pleasant surprise. MMM is cleaning out her step-grandmother’s house and in the process found a bunch of craft supplies for me. I am so happy.

First, it was this…


I know the pic sucks, but that my friends is a crap load of old knitting needles. I already have my grandmother’s crochet hooks, now I have MMM’s step-grandmother’s needles.

It makes me really happy to have these old things.

There was also a bunch of cross stitch things and a few old patterns from the 1970’s. I love getting surprises. I need to go through all the cross stitch stuff. I have not done that yet I got a little excited about all the needles.

Now I can become a real knitter…

Next… I have been working diligently on the great potholder experiment since I quit smoking on Tuesday. I have basically completed a potholder a day. They are looking great. I have finally found a design that I like and can keep doing. It is really simple rounds with absolutely no fancy stuff. I just basically change colors every round. I really like them. The last 2 I made I did some really random color combos. I think they turned out great, my favs so far.

Some pics…








As you can see super busy… They are looking really good. I have 2 more round ones to make and then I begin the skull shaped ones.

I also have a few baby gifts to make. I have decided to make the swaddling blankets from the purl bee. As you are probably aware one of my favorite sites. I have chosen some pretty funky fabrics and I didn’t want too boyish or too girlish. Fabrics…



They will turn out great. I think I might need to get some different fabric for R-B’s little boy. The second pic is for him, but they don’t match. R-B is alittle funky so it should be ok, but will I be satisfied?

…later I think I need to sleep now. I have a busy day of sewing ahead of me.


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