Invisible man

So sorry for the lacking posts lately. I have been super busy with the new puppy and the potholders and Halloween is coming up so costumes needed to be made.

First update, I have completed the general potholders. I am
Now ready to begin on the day of the dead potholders. I believe I shall begin tonight. I need to get some pics of the general potholders and get it up. They are great and in this fantastic stack in my room and every time I look at them I just smile.


Now I began these potholders because I had a great big basket of just scrap yarn left over from projects. I realized that I haven’t even made a dent in the basket, so now what do I do with all this beautiful yarn?

I did make a few granny squares. I kinda like them and maybe I will just make some and then have a blanket. I do want a granny square blanket.

So some of my friends are having babies. One twins boy and girl, and one a boy. I was going to make swaddling blankets, but atlast I did not purchase enough fabric so I made burp cloths. I always had one with me when goose was a little guy. Very simple and very practical.


I do love them and I hope they do as well!

So Halloween is in a week and I have completed goose’s costume. At first he was going to a fireman, then about 2 weeks ago he stated he wanted to be Batman, but not just any Batman- neon green Batman. So of course, I had to make it. It is done and totally awesome.


I have completed my Halloween cards as well. They are simple yet super cute! I truly do love making things!


Now I just need to make the dogs costume and finish the Christmas gifts.

… later


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