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So several weeks ago I finished my thanksgiving day cards and envelopes, but for some reason I have not posted them. I am a true slacker. Especially today, I have been at work since 730am and have not done one bit of work yet. Anyhoo…

Cards. Goose helped. I used his hand the make turkeys. Then with my finger I added colors for feathers. I then cut out some beaks, the red hangy things that turkeys have were hole punched red circles, the I cut out some wings with scrapbook paper. I also cut out some corners and lines to decorate the cards.

I choose thanksgiving colors- which equal brown, orange, etc.

After everything was glued and dried. I stamped on the words with some stamps I have. Then I mod poge over the whole card and let it dry. Fini.

Sorry the pic is bad, but the only camera I currently have is my iPhone…


Being me, I then proceeded to make envelopes to mail the cards. To see how I make my envelopes go to here. I made about 6 envelopes and they worked super great. Because I figured out how to hand make them, they are totally custom to whatever shape card I make. I love it.

Here is pic of them…


I used some scrapbook paper. They didn’t seem to want to stay together, so I had to tape them, but they worked.



So I have completed the last of the Christmas gifts today. Christmas ornaments for goose’s teachers.

They are quite stunning. The patterns are from attic24. I made the baubles and the birds. I might make the stars she has well, but they maybe for me.

I use a G hook and cotton yarn in a great assortment of colors mostly sugar n’ cream cotton or peaches n’ cream. The colors were yellow, tangerine, hot orange, red, burgundy, hot blue, bright aqua, mod green, hot pink, and orchid.

The patterns work up nicely in parts that you then sew together and add beads and such. I think I might add some bells to the baubles.

Also note that I sewed the hangy ends and other things on after I got the pieces together for the baubles. I sewed everything together for the birds then I sewed them together. And I did not give the birds legs.

So baubles…


Also no 2 are alike. The colors are the same, but I reversed the order. I was thinking about mix matching the pieces as well to add some more depth to the baubles. The are quite lovely, aren’t they?

Birds… I think I like them best…


I did the same color reverse thing for them too.

I hope goose’s teachers like them. They will be quite beautiful on a lovely Christmas tree.

… later

So one thing that I have noticed is that I do not blog enough random stuff anymore. So on every Friday, I think I will blog random things and let everyone get to know me a bit better.

First, this is how I woke up today. About 5am my son comes in my room and climbs in bed with me. Now I am sleeping with the dog because she hates the kennel and is much better sleeping with me. I manage to get a little more sleep until about 6am. I get out of bed. I ask the dog if she wants to go outside. Her response is to look at me as to why I am bothering her sleeping with her boy and of course roll over. My little goose was sound asleep with his Oscar. I had to take a pic, but when I got the phone out Stella Bean moved. Still a cute picture…


Well I got dressed and made Stella come with me and go outside. When I left it looked like she was going back upstairs to sleep with the goose. Crazy dog.

I got home today and mom said she slept upstairs with goose all morning.

Well the poor baby got fixed today and looks like the most pitiful thing you have ever seen. She has done nothing but sleep and she has stitches on her tummy and she just is not herself. Right now I have her in bed with me and I gave her the pain pill they told me to give her. I really hope she gets back to normal tomorrow. I don’t like my little girl being all sad like.

So my randomness a day in my life.

So I have not been here in such a long time. It seems my work has blocked this site and I forget to go on at home and really hate typing on my phone. But atlast I do need to update on my latest and greatest completed project, the kitchen set.

I saw a great set on and thought what a wonderful idea for someone who has just gotten married or bought a house. And one of my good friends EKM just bought a house.

I have yet to see the house because it seems we have all been busy and I actually haven’t seen any of my friends in a while. Total boo and it really sucks! Maybe we should go out this weekend? I shall call later.

I digress. Okay the kitchen set on raverly consisted of 2 tea towels with hand crocheted edge, 2 potholders, and a scrubbie. I love the idea, but was not fond of the potholder pattern or the scrubbie, so me being me changed it up.

First, I made 2 lovely dishcloths from sugar n’ cream by lily in colorway peace and daisy ombré. They took about 1 skein of each. I used a knitted pattern from a booklet I have, kitchen colors by lily. I used pattern number 3, dishcloth 1. It is an angled knitting pattern, you begin by increasing then you decrease. It was actual quite simple and allowed me to practice my knitting skills. It was a simple garter stitch too. They turned out well and will work good as dishcloths, but I am not too happy with the colors. I am not sure they go with the rest of the set.



There is a possibility that I will remake them before I actually give the set away.

Next I made the potholders. I used sugar n’ cream cotton in green, hot green, hot orange, yellow, red and mod blue. About 1 skein each. I used the fabulous African flower mandala potholder pattern. For these potholders I did use a G hook and they were a better size. Remember I had made before and they were kinda big. I used a simple picot edge on both of the potholders. And I changed out the back colors, one is yellow and one is orange.

Again, I love this potholders. I may make a set for mom, she could use some new potholders.

African flower mandala potholders…


I would like to see them a bit more colorful, but EKM likes yellow and orange for her kitchen. I did add the blues and greens to go with the tea towels.

Finally, I made 2 lovely tea towels. I purchased about 1/3 yard of home decor fabric. I had to feel to make sure it would work as a tea towel. I believe it is a printed woven cotton, but not sure. I choose a kinda retro flower pattern with a background of lime green. They really didn’t have any yellow/ orange and this was the closest I got.

On a side note, I purchased this fabric from hobby lobby (a kinda craft chain store in my area) for $3.98. I had already purchased some fabric, but I decided against it, from Joann’s fabrics for about $15.00. Yes it was also 1/3 yard. So I have learned a valuable lesson: hobby lobby I’d cheaper for fabric. It is too bad they don’t have as much fabric as Joann’s.

Back to the tea towels. I cut them about 27 inches x 17 inches and hemmed the edges. I really just folded the fabric in half and cut it. Then I folded the sides to match. I measure somewhat but I usually just wing it. I used my machine for the hemming. Then I did a blanket stitch at each end of both towels with a sharp yarn needle and yarn. I also used lily sugar n’ cream yarn in yellow and hot orange. I then sc across, turned and did picot edge around. I chose this edge to match the potholders. I did do one towel edging in yellow and one in orange. It was nothing to fancy, but when completed it added just the right amount of something to the handmade towels.

Tea towels…


Now for the whole set together…



It turned out quite beautiful and I have ravelred it here.

What you have not heard of You like to knit and crochet? You should totally check out and join. It is free online community for knitters and crocheters around the world. I have gotten some great inspiration from there and some great patterns as well. Also I have meet a few others like me. It seems there are a lot of us out there.

… later

So I completed the skullholders for #1. I think I finished them on Thursday, but it seems that I have been so busy.

I used loops and threads cotton yarn in ebony and lime. I choose not to make them day of the dead because #1 is kinda weird and would prob not like. Plus they kind of look like aliens when I was done. #1 will like that.

His birthday is this week. I wonder what I should get him?

Ta-da skullholders…


I made 2, opposite colors. I think they are great.

I have made these before in pink and black, but have no idea where they went.

I do love them. Next day of the dead for a coworker. Same pattern, just add embroidery.

… later

So after working so diligently I have finally completed the skull coasters and pattern.

Now my embroidery skills were not that great at the beginning, but have improved drastically. I did have to remake 2 coasters and pick out alot of stitches.

I ended up using yarn for the embroidery. It just looked better on the crocheted coasters. And because I did the embroidery I had to put interfacing on the back and then a fabric backing. It actually was quite a pain, but the end result is fantastic!





As you can see fantastic. I have posted the pattern on my pages if interested.

… later

So I decided that I am not happy with the embroidery I did on the skull coasters. I have decided to redo it and I realized my embroidery skills are totally lacking and need mad improvement.

So I picked out some stitches and did this…


Still not real happy with it, so I picked out stitches on another and did part of one eye. This…


My embroidery skills totally suck, but an improvement. I need to mess around and remake them. These ones will be for me I think.

You know as soon as I finish something I need to get rid of it. If it sits around I keep looking at it and get unhappy with it. Hmmm…. Food for thought. Well maybe I wasn’t happy with them from the beginning.

I also am not happy with the skullholder for #1. I made a different one last night from a pattern I have, much much better. Just now embroider or not to embroider.

…. later