The Bill Harper collection

So one thing that I have noticed is that I do not blog enough random stuff anymore. So on every Friday, I think I will blog random things and let everyone get to know me a bit better.

First, this is how I woke up today. About 5am my son comes in my room and climbs in bed with me. Now I am sleeping with the dog because she hates the kennel and is much better sleeping with me. I manage to get a little more sleep until about 6am. I get out of bed. I ask the dog if she wants to go outside. Her response is to look at me as to why I am bothering her sleeping with her boy and of course roll over. My little goose was sound asleep with his Oscar. I had to take a pic, but when I got the phone out Stella Bean moved. Still a cute picture…


Well I got dressed and made Stella come with me and go outside. When I left it looked like she was going back upstairs to sleep with the goose. Crazy dog.

I got home today and mom said she slept upstairs with goose all morning.

Well the poor baby got fixed today and looks like the most pitiful thing you have ever seen. She has done nothing but sleep and she has stitches on her tummy and she just is not herself. Right now I have her in bed with me and I gave her the pain pill they told me to give her. I really hope she gets back to normal tomorrow. I don’t like my little girl being all sad like.

So my randomness a day in my life.


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