White flag

So I have completed the last of the Christmas gifts today. Christmas ornaments for goose’s teachers.

They are quite stunning. The patterns are from attic24. I made the baubles and the birds. I might make the stars she has well, but they maybe for me.

I use a G hook and cotton yarn in a great assortment of colors mostly sugar n’ cream cotton or peaches n’ cream. The colors were yellow, tangerine, hot orange, red, burgundy, hot blue, bright aqua, mod green, hot pink, and orchid.

The patterns work up nicely in parts that you then sew together and add beads and such. I think I might add some bells to the baubles.

Also note that I sewed the hangy ends and other things on after I got the pieces together for the baubles. I sewed everything together for the birds then I sewed them together. And I did not give the birds legs.

So baubles…


Also no 2 are alike. The colors are the same, but I reversed the order. I was thinking about mix matching the pieces as well to add some more depth to the baubles. The are quite lovely, aren’t they?

Birds… I think I like them best…


I did the same color reverse thing for them too.

I hope goose’s teachers like them. They will be quite beautiful on a lovely Christmas tree.

… later


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