So several weeks ago I finished my thanksgiving day cards and envelopes, but for some reason I have not posted them. I am a true slacker. Especially today, I have been at work since 730am and have not done one bit of work yet. Anyhoo…

Cards. Goose helped. I used his hand the make turkeys. Then with my finger I added colors for feathers. I then cut out some beaks, the red hangy things that turkeys have were hole punched red circles, the I cut out some wings with scrapbook paper. I also cut out some corners and lines to decorate the cards.

I choose thanksgiving colors- which equal brown, orange, etc.

After everything was glued and dried. I stamped on the words with some stamps I have. Then I mod poge over the whole card and let it dry. Fini.

Sorry the pic is bad, but the only camera I currently have is my iPhone…


Being me, I then proceeded to make envelopes to mail the cards. To see how I make my envelopes go to here. I made about 6 envelopes and they worked super great. Because I figured out how to hand make them, they are totally custom to whatever shape card I make. I love it.

Here is pic of them…


I used some scrapbook paper. They didn’t seem to want to stay together, so I had to tape them, but they worked.



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