Crazy beautiful life

So for the past year I have been meaning to make some slippers for MMM. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I made all the girls I work with bunny slippers. They were so super cute and I ended up having to rewrite the pattern because it was just wrong.

MMM and I decided not to do Christmas gifts due to the fact that we are completely broke all the time, but I told her I was making them because I have been meaning to all year, just seems other things have come up. Plus I had the yarn and all things I would need for them. No money spent, go me!

I need to remember to finish my projects list before I start on other projects… You know the list is about 100 projects long and it keeps growing. I think I got everything in ravelry and my new years resolution is to complete it in order… Moahhaa! (insert evil laugh). We will see if that happens.

Back to slippers, they will be chow slippers because MMM has a couple of chow dogs and loves them. They are made the same as the bunny slippers, but I changed the shape of the ears. When I had all the pieces made I thought they might look like cats, but oh well. I don’t know how else to make them into chows, but maybe add a tail.

I use loops and threads impeccable worsted yarn in black. About 1 skein was enough. And I used my handy dandy favorite I-9 hook. This hook seems to work best to make the slippers. If you go smaller the slippers will be smaller, but I think they look funny. Now MMM had the smallest feet of anyone I know so I really hope they fit.

Back to slippers, I use green buttons for the eyes just because I can.

The ears were made similar to the bunny ears, just shorter. I cut out a few rows. They turn in nicely like chow dog ears do. I was very happy with them.

Without much further ado… Chow slippers…


They seem awfully small to me but I do have some big ass feet. MMM has little feet. She can actually wear children’s shoes so they should fit.

Not really sure how they got so small. I worked the pattern about 6 times before and the last pair I made were the correct size and they fit me. No worries though…

I haven’t put the nose on yet. Not really sure if I will. And they look kinda lime cats, but really how do you make chow dog slippers? They are supercute!


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